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Personal Interview for the Importance of Digital Marketing, Big Marketing Data and How to Run Cost-Effective Business Growth Through It.

Interviewer: Being the CEO of Influence Vibes, how do you define your company?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Influence Vibes is a Digital Marketing Agency which promotes your business online through Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, SEO Optimization, and many other services and strategies to help establish your brand image.

Interviewer: Is there a specific department that you work with?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Influence Vibes can cater to the online needs of various businesses, including Health and Beauty, IT, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Government agencies, etc. We are currently working for some of the world’s top brands. 

Interviewer: How does your company convert targeted audiences into paying customers?

Nikolay Stoyanov: At Influence Vibes, we help build a better brand image of the client’s company. We focus on improving the client’s business exposure to reach millions of targeted audiences through it. At Influence Vibes, our goal is not just to reach these targeted audiences and create product awareness but also to engage them with the client’s business to become paying customers of your company.  

Interviewer: In your opinion, how important is Content Marketing in today’s digital media?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Today’s market is not the same as it was a decade ago. Things have gone through a drastic change. Digital Marketing is all about content, which is a primary element in the success of your business. Content Marketing determines your SEO rankings, which are crucial in building your brand image to increase quality organic traffic on your company’s website.   

Interviewer: How does Influence Vibes deliver the right message to the potential customers?

Nikolay Stoyanov: We, at Influence Vibes, have a set strategic method to improve the customer’s business by delivering the right message to the audience. In this regard, we follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Generating leads for attracting more attention.
  • Expansion and growth of the client’s base.
  • Increasing online sales and generating more revenue through it.
  • Increasing the client’s business credibility through building an effective brand image.
  • Focusing on accelerating organic traffic on the client’s website.
  • Generating more orders and pre-orders.

Interviewer: Which services does Influence Vibes offer in terms of Content Marketing?

Nikolay Stoyanov: In terms of Content Marketing, Influence Vibes offers the following services

  • Impressive Content Writing for attracting potential audiences.
  • Content Optimization for improving the client’s SEO rankings.
  • Distribution of the content on various social media platforms and channels.
  • Promotion of the client’s business content on the most appropriate and effective paid online advertising platforms.
  • Press releases to include the client’s business in the Media Radar.
  • Management of content through constructive creation, communication, and distribution.
  • Ranking of content through Keyword optimization.
  • Research on topics of content for finding the right audience.

Interviewer: That is a wide content scope Influence Vibes has tapped into. I’m sure all these services keep you very busy. Tell me about your company’s search engine optimization range?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Yes, we do have our hands full of the diversity of various services that we offer, but it doesn’t keep us from tapping into ways for innovation and research.

As far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, I believe it is an important factor that helps your client’s business grow organically. We at Influence Vibes want to see our client’s business at the top of search engine results from Google to Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and others. This generates a real audience for the client’s website by increasing CTR (Click Through Rates) in local or international locations. Through search engine optimization, a business could enhance the quality and quantity of its traffic, which would increase sales and generate profits for the client.  

Interviewer: What are your company’s plans for increasing organic traffic for a business if it is as important as you mention?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Again, we work through planned strategies at Influence Vibes. For increasing organic traffic on the customer’s website, we have taken the following steps and are continually improving them. These steps are:

  • We focus primarily on Local SEO for selling the customer’s product or service locally, where the foundation of the customer’s business is.
  • We also target international organic traffic through improved international SEO.
  • We optimize the content through the generation of specific keywords, which help in bringing more organic traffic.
  • We audit customer’s websites and SEO elements for finding our areas that need improvement for increasing organic traffic.
  • We do thorough keyword research and look for the best keywords to generate sales through increased organic traffic on the client’s website.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate on the concept of Pay-Per-Click for us?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Sure, pay-per-click or PPC is a service that stands true to its name. You are paying for every click that the audience does. Various search engines offer this advertising service, and the client has to pay the company every time a user clicks on the advertised link, video clip, or graphic, which lands them on the client’s website. 

PPC is a very interesting concept which enables your business to show on top of the search results. 

Interviewer: How does your company utilize email marketing as a digital marketing tool?

Nikolay Stoyanov: Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that cannot be ignored. It is very helpful in driving up the percentage of visitors who make purchases on the client’s website. We at Influence Vibe contemplate sending out the right emails based on people’s interests and behaviors. 

In recent years, it has been found that sending the right emails to potential target audiences can increase sales up to 20% and 30%.  

Interviewer: Thank You for taking out precious time to answer our queries. We will depart with one last question, how do you plan to attain the progress and growth of your company. 

Nikolay Stoyanov: The pleasure has been all mine. I would love to share with you how we plan to attain our company’s growth. Therefore, every successful business plan ahead; therefore,e we at influence Vibes have formulated some effective strategies and plannings for constant growth. Progress is a continuous process that can be achieved by combining the right approach and communication channels. We audit and evaluate and make sales development plans that are unique and crucial for business growth.  

Interviewer: That’s all for today. We’ll be back with more informative interviews. Ciao.