Personal Finance Management Course For Mothers With Lifetime Subscription Launch

The platform’s latest launch offers stay-at-home mothers, working women, and individuals who are looking for a path back into work a relatable and engaging framework through which they can improve their financial prospects.

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Invested Mom’s newly-updated program is intended to empower subscribers to take control of their personal finances, build confidence in their abilities, and find ways to manage, reduce, and eventually eliminate debt. The course is offering lifetime access to its comprehensive suite of learning resources for new enrollees.

According to the Policy Options website, the rates of female employment in Canada have begun to rise. This is due, in part, to the Federal Affordable Child Care Plan which makes returning to work a more realistic proposition for parents. However, research suggests that remote and hybrid working models still see many women penalized for taking a non-traditional approach to supporting living and time management.

Invested Mom gives women a helpful set of tools with which they can improve their earning potential and rely less upon others to facilitate their career progression. While the course is aimed at mothers, the topics covered are just as relevant to anyone who is looking to expand their income sources.

Taking a transparent and modern approach to money management, Invested Mom covers a range of topics. These include how to change one’s mindset when it comes to money, strategies to maximize benefits from a current employer, building the confidence to negotiate a pay rise, and finding the inspiration to conceive and develop side projects and alternative means of earning.

In addition, subscribers also learn how they can leverage the power of platforms such as Linkedin to help find and secure higher-paying jobs, debt management approaches, and ideas regarding investment and why such opportunities remain open even in the absence of upfront capital.

About Invested Mom

Invested Mom is the work of Inge von Aulock. Inge was born and raised in South Africa before moving to Canada in 2010 to start a new life. The course is built upon her experience of reducing her debt, investing in herself, and how small, deliberate steps can have a large and lasting impact on one’s prospects.

Inge says, “This is a self-paced course so you can do it on your own time. I highly suggest you do this multiple times so you can get a deeper understanding.”

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