Market Watch

People Club; Shaping Series A People Strategies

People Club, founded in 2020 by former early-stage BCG Digital Ventures employees Jason Waterman and Michael Curds, is continuing to add new clients to its stable as the markets continue to pick up across the globe.

Waterman and Curds believe they’re building something unique to enable their clients to scale, whether they’re supporting rapid growth via their recruitment as a service model, or Series A fundraising and international expansion through their embedded People Consultancy offering.

Early stage clients include Climate Intelligence platform Cervest, global Expert Network business proSapient and Banking-as-a-Service leader Bankable. People Club has been working closely with businesses like these to help plan for pre and post Series A investment, ranging from large projects such as organisational design, overseas expansion and mass recruitment, through to the creation and implementation of Learning and Development pathways.

Waterman said “We always say we are incredibly lucky to work with businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, as we get a front seat ride as they expand and scale. Our role in that is to ensure that these amazing companies don’t break themselves, and more importantly their employees”.

People Club offers both a Consultancy point of view, and given the years of experience the Co Founders have operating in senior HR and Talent roles, hands-on leadership and project management. Curds added, “Our aim is not to take up lots of employees’ time, provide a 300 page presentation and disappear into the distance. The sole purpose of our recommendations is to enable businesses to scale in the near and long term, and one of the best ways to ensure this happens is by helping the projects move forward ourselves”.

However, they are not stopping there. They’ve recently made a number of key hires to expand their offerings, including initial senior hires into the Recruitment-as-a-Service model and their Leadership Coaching and Development arm. Waterman and Curds pioneered the “embedded talent model” when at BCGDV, building the founding teams for 20 VC backed businesses across 10 countries, starting back in 2016.

They believe this experience is invaluable when advising their clients not just on who to hire, but how to hire them. Curds said, “during this period, we learnt a huge amount about what it takes to hire the right people at the right time, at speed. It’s the natural next step for People Club to take”.

They already have clients looking to utilise them for this work, either alongside initial consultancy projects, or as stand-alone recruitment phases. Waterman said, “the experience our team has lends perfectly to partnering with growing businesses to see them through difficult hiring phases, especially if they’re hiring remotely or internationally. We have more experience in this area than most”.

Alongside this, they’re next aim is to build a product business to work alongside the consultancy service. In recent months they’ve made key hires here too, including a CTO and a Product Designer.

Curds said, “we’ve spent many years working with barely adequate, and often sub standard, recruiting and HR tools. Working so closely with start ups and scaling businesses gave us the perfect opportunity to explore this further”.

Waterman added, “given the knowledge we already have in this space, we know so many of the key pain points Founders and People and Talent teams face. We feel the startup market is massively underserved and we’d like to change that”.

With these plans underfoot, People Club is looking to offer a full suite of products and services to growing businesses, both in the UK and internationally. And their Co Founders are confident they’ll be able to offer something different to their competition.