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White Motherboards are eye-catching in design, and when you use a White PC Case to install that motherboard, it looks even more impressive. Numerous brands manufacture white Motherboards. Big brands have also released White Motherboards to match users’ interests because some users like different colors. So big and small brands have released White Motherboards having full potential.

You can install powerful components on them without any fear. The color is white, but it doesn’t mean that every motherboard has the full potential to load every part. You still have to look for some things to find the best motherboard that allows you to load the components you want.

So I will list those necessary things to look at when purchasing motherboards. You have to read this complete guide because we will also list one motherboard with white color. If buying white motherboards with full power is your wish, we also have one suggestion.

We will reveal our suggestions later. First, you need to look at the necessary things when purchasing motherboards. It doesn’t matter which color your motherboard has. It is useless if it doesn’t have the following characteristics:

  1. Latest and Easy BIOS
  2. Latest Chipset and Socket
  3. Heatsinks on Chipset and M.2 Slots
  4. Numerous M.2 Slots and SATA 3 Ports
  5. Latest USB and Video Output Ports

These are the 5 things you still need to look for when purchasing any motherboard. It doesn’t matter if it’s in white. If your motherboard lacks these things, it’s pretty much useless because it will not install the components you want.

Now that we have revealed the many things, it’s time to announce our suggestions because we will list them with that motherboard. So the best white motherboard which has the latest things you want is the ASUS Prime X470-Pro. We will mention every spec when explaining these recommended things. 

Latest and Easy BIOS

According to PC Folks Motherboards having white colors must have the latest and easy BIOS. Controlling your motherboard’s work is possible through BIOS. So if they are easy to use and their version is the latest, you can manage your motherboard’s working efficiently.

That’s why having the latest and easy BIOS is necessary. Your complete control is dependent on the settings you applied in BIOS. This ASUS Prime X470-Pro has 256 MB Flash ROM, UEFI AMI BIOS, PnP, SM BIOS 3.0, and ACPI 6.0. These BIOS are the newest, and they will help you control your motherboard’s working with ease.

Your workload decides your usage. If you are willing to perform simple operations, then never maximize the use of your power components. But if you’ve resolved to perform heavy functions, getting maximum output from your power components is necessary. You can easily apply these settings in your motherboard’s BIOS area.

Latest Chipset and Socket

After getting the latest BIOS, your Chipset and Socket needs to be the newest because these things hold your CPU and GPU usage.

This ASUS Prime X470-Pro has AMD X470 Chipset, efficiently controlling every component. This Chipset never disappoints any user because of its fast speed. Your Chipset acts as a broker between your CPU and other features like storage devices and expansion slots. The latest Chipsets carry data instructions at a fast speed.

This ASUS Prime X470-PRO’s X470 Chipset delivers an ultra-fast speed. The communication between the power components becomes super fast because ASUS has packed this Chipset with some compelling features that no one could ever expect.

Its AM4 Socket can easily hold the 2nd and 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs delivering smooth power to your CPUs. This ASUS motherboard allows you to install an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU easily. Now this CPU’s influence is immeasurable. People get surprised when they see the benchmarking results of the Ryzen 5 5600X CPU. So installing that CPU and expecting a good speed from your motherboard is recommended.

Heatsinks on Chipset and M.2 Slots

So you got the latest BIOS, Chipset, and Socket. Now what comes next is heatsinks. Having heatsinks is essential because they control the heat of your power components. Your power components like CPU, GPU, RAM, and Storage Devices get heated after extended usage. Your motherboard must have heatsinks to keep its temperature calm.

This ASUS Prime X470-Pro has a heatsink on Chipset and M.2 Slot. Its upper M.2 Slot is covered with a heatsink, but the rest slots are empty. Big brands also resolve this issue. Now brands are releasing M.2 SSDs having their heatsinks. So if your motherboard’s heatsinks are low, you can select a hard drive where heatsinks are already installed.

The Chipset is also covered with a heatsink. Instructing more instructions and expecting a low temperature is good because your Chipset is covered with a heatsink. That heatsink keeps your Chipset’s temperature calm, and you can perform numerous activities without issues.

Numerous Expansion Slots and SATA 3 Ports

Expansion Slots are used to install your GPU or Graphics Cards. Gamers and Video Editors commonly use the X16 slot to install graphics cards. Having 2 or 3 Expansion Slots is good because high-end gaming is performed using 2 GPUs. This ASUS Prime X470-Pro has 6 Expansion Slots in total.

Having more Expansion Slots is a surplus, but do they perform well? That’s the question? You have got more Expansion Slots, but will they act as you expect? Your Expansion Slot’s power must be higher if your expectations are high. To know its power, you need to find the PCI Express Revision your motherboard owns.

This ASUS Prime X470-Pro has a PCIe 4.0 Revision on its first Expansion Slot of X16 format. That slot can hold a GPU whose memory is the highest. Let’s say you want to install an RTX 3080 Graphics Card on this motherboard.

You can fearlessly install that Graphics Card because this PCIe 4.0 Revision has the power to hold that giant. That’s what I want to make you understand. Your Expansion Slot’s performance is dependent on the PCI Express Revision your motherboard owns. If your motherboard’s Expansion Slot is X16 with PCIe 4.0 Revision, you can install any Graphics Card. But if its revision is PCIe 3.0, but the slot is in X16 format, you can’t install a big GPU. So that’s what you need to keep in mind before purchasing any motherboard.

Wrapping It Up

We recommend every user look at these when purchasing a motherboard. We have also provided our suggestions. If installing a white motherboard is your wish, then ASUS Prime X470-Pro should be your piece. If you have more questions about this ASUS Prime X470-Pro, then quickly post a comment in our website’s comments section.

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