Pay-As-You-Go Text Blast CRM: No Contract SMS & MMS Messaging Service Announced

Bigly’s platform allows users to send multimedia and text-based messages en masse to its customer base. The company provides small businesses with a new model of CRM which eschews the standard usage fees charged by platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce. The app requires no contract and subscribers only pay for communication costs.

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Bigly’s bulk messaging features allow companies to reach their followers and mailing lists in a matter of seconds with a variety of HD-quality videos, GIFs, and pictures. The software can be used on PCs, laptops, and tablets, and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

According to data from the Pew Research Center, texting is a highly effective way of reaching both new and established customers. Studies suggest that click-through rates can be as much as 36% for SMS marketing campaigns. This is aided by the ubiquity of smartphones in the modern world. The average American spends anywhere between three and six hours using their mobile device with at least 15% of the population accessing the internet primarily through their phone.

The Bigly app gathers all SMS, email, and voice calls into one unified inbox rather than managing a disparate array of apps for different media. This is augmented by powerful data tracking and analytics features that allow users to see their traffic, sales, and delivery statistics at a glance.

Task management features enable team leaders and business owners to assign jobs and roles to staff members while an advanced calendar tab with a reminder function keeps managers on track with their to-do lists and improves organizational efficiency.

The SMS ‘Blast’ feature allows mass texting to multiple contacts simultaneously while circumventing issues with inconsistent cell coverage. There is no charge for the CRM system while text, voice call, and email charges start from just $0.01.

A spokesperson says, “Bigly can be set up by anyone in seconds. It was designed for salespeople and business owners not for engineers. With no data entry, everything automatically loads, saving you time.”

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