Parkland Homeowners Association Fitness Instructor Finder Platform, Update

Offering renewed access to more than 150 qualified trainers in South Florida, FitnessAtYourDoor aims to help Parkland residents reach their health targets with expert supervision. The expanded program connects individuals, corporations, and groups with coaches based in close proximity in the interest of added convenience for all involved.

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The announcement comes as FitnessAtYourDoor moves to convey the teachings of its owner Kashawn Fraser – a former pro athlete – to those in need of specialist guidance. Fraser leads a data-driven platform that aims to boost its clients’ health and wellbeing through structured exercise plans and nutrition consultations as per their needs.

As explained by FitnessAtYourDoor, its name comes from the widely-renowned option for clients to have certified fitness instructors sent to their own homes, including apartments and condos. This helps clients improve their productivity by eliminating time spent traveling to distant gyms – which, in turn, is said to make it easier for them to maintain consistency with their sessions.

“You no longer need to go to the gym,” continues a company spokesperson. “You will get all the help you need wherever you’re most comfortable. Whether you have a favorite place to work out or you prefer to work out at home, you can work with your fitness trainers at the location of your choice.”

The company seeks to match clients of all ages with trainers that offer personalized training programs conducive to attaining the specific results they’re looking for. Ranging from fitness instruction for seniors to high-intensity weight training and healthy eating advice, FitnessAtYourDoor now looks to supply suitable coaches in Parkland and beyond.

Arrangement of quick sessions, including same-day classes, is available via FitnessAtYourDoor’s online platform. The company notes that upon signing up, clients will have the option to search for trainers near them that fit their own criteria in terms of qualifications, training style, and more.

In the words of one client: “I’ve been struggling with the motivation to work out and to take care of myself in this area and I am so glad I signed up. FitnessAtYourDoor set me up with someone they thought would be a good fit. She is kind, non-judgmental and has great energy.”

Interested parties in Parkland and other areas across South Florida can find further details about FitnessAtYourDoor and its services at

[email protected]
10101 W Sample Rd

United States

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