Park City, UT Mold Removal/Remediation | Water Damage Inspection Service Updated

Utah Disaster Specialists’ mold testing procedures now include air sampling, surface and dust sampling, and bulk material sampling, all processed at professional laboratories to detect dangerous mycotoxins. Using multiple testing techniques allows them to more accurately assess the location, cause, and severity of mold damage.

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The latest move comes following the successful removal of mold from a townhouse condo in Park City, Utah. The property in question had some roof problems and bubbling paint inside which however had not caused mold to build up.

The team conducted an additional inspection that revealed mold in the basement laundry room caused by a leaky washer. The experienced professionals removed mold from multiple locations, including the laundry room, closet, hallway, and bedroom in the basement.

Mold thrives in dark places, so any excess moisture – even from a leaky pipe or a lingering ice dam on the roof – can be enough to start a problem that remains unseen until it is already firmly established. Hidden mold is rarely identified without professional tools and technology such as those utilized by Utah Disaster Specialists.

Because the state has a relatively dry climate, many of the construction materials, techniques, and designs often found in Utah homes and businesses are not meant to resist mold. Often, people only learn they have a mold problem after health issues appear, including:

– Respiratory issues

– Memory loss and reduced focus

– Ongoing fatigue, nausea, and headaches

– Irritation of nose, throat, and eyes

– Uncomfortable swelling in feet and legs

As a professional inspection and remediation firm, Utah Disaster Specialists has the knowledge and equipment to safely detect and remediate mold damage. Without proper safety equipment and processes, attempting to deal with mold can have major long-term health consequences, with some mycotoxin exposures being ultimately fatal.

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Experts in many forms of disaster cleanup and remediation including mold, water, sewage, fire, and smoke, Utah Disaster Specialists has the skills and equipment to detect, evaluate, and repair even major damage. They offer 24/7 emergency services and will work with clients’ insurance companies to ensure proper restoration.

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