Pamela Bruner Reveals Four Coaching Certification Myths That Hurt Coaches

Pamela Bruner, CEO of Attract Clients Online, was an experienced musician who was successful in helping other performers overcome stage fright. She became a popular presenter and leveraged that experience and her excellent marketing and coaching skills into a successful coaching business.

Pamela Bruner is a certified coach and received her certification through an ICF-accredited coaching organization. But she says that certification is not what has made her a successful coach.

Successful coaching businesses, according to Bruner, come from a combination of the right branding, offer, and online client-attraction system; these together are far more effective for enrolling clients than relying on coaching certification.

Bruner’s clients agree and have created winning coaching businesses as a result of participating in Bruner’s coaching program. Bruner incorporates help for coaches in finding their ideal clients online, creating an outstanding brand and high-ticket offer, and becoming proficient in using her cutting-edge marketing and authentic sales techniques.

“I’ve gone from $100/hour to $10,000 clients!” said Susan Phariss of Brain Fitness Strategies. “Thank you! Because of you, my husband and I have restructured our business model from an hourly rate of $100 to six-month packages that start at $10,000! We now have a six-figure business. I am deeply grateful for all you have taught me in your program. And we have experience that shows that it works!”

Over the past several years, many new coaches have entered the field. A lot of people are getting certified as coaches. During the pandemic, many people re-evaluated their lives, and many jumped on the bandwagon to participate in the Great Resignation and follow new careers in the helping professions, motivated to make a difference in others’ lives.

“Their hearts are in the right place,” says Bruner. “Coaching is, to me, a noble profession, and one that can be very fulfilling.”

However, Bruner emphasizes that coaching certification will not bring coaches new clients, and it does not guarantee a successful business.

“I was told during my certification training that ‘clients would just show up,’ after I was certified,” says Bruner. “That never happened. But then I started studying how to market and sell coaching services, as opposed to just being a ‘certified coach.’ That’s when I went from earning a very painful $375 a month to over $1 million a year.”

Bruner’s business transformation occurred more than 13 years ago. Since then, she has helped thousands of coaches market their businesses.

Bruner provides details on the four most damaging myths of coaching certification:

Myth 1: “If I get certified, clients will just show up.”

In all the years Bruner has been coaching, she has had only one person ask if she was certified (and that was over a decade ago.) Certification isn’t a client-attraction mechanism. Certification gives coaches tools they can use to help their clients get results. Marketing helps coaches get results in the realm of building their own successful businesses.

Myth 2: “Coaching certification is all I need to start my career as a coach.”

Being a coach is about running a business. Especially with an oversaturated market, it’s success will be more dependent on business-building skills than coaching skills.

Myth 3: “Coaching certification will help me be a great coach.”

This is closer to the truth, but still not quite right. Coaching certification can give a coach a start at obtaining a great skill set. But great coaches grow into their greatness when they serve lots of clients. If coaches don’t go through the experience of serving lots of clients, it’s almost impossible to become a great coach.

Myth 4: “I should finish my certification before I look at marketing.”

Coaches should not wait to finish certification before they begin marketing! If they do, they’ll be chomping at the bit, and they won’t be getting clients. Learning to market is not an ‘overnight training,’ so getting the marketing training before finishing certification is a GREAT move, to prepare coaches to get clients as soon as they can.

Bruner says that all this does not mean that coaches shouldn’t get certified. Those considering a career as a coach should consider certification if any of these points are true:

– They feel they need the confidence that comes from learning a skill set.

– They’re interested in coaching, but don’t have a clue what that means.

– They need to show someone (like an employer) that they have a credential.

Finally, Bruner says that there’s an even more detrimental myth that short circuits the marketing efforts of many coaches. They think that, because they are a certified coach in a particular program, they can just market that and people will want to work with them.

There are several problems with this idea:

Coaches unwittingly put themselves in the unfortunate position of selling coaching as an industry. Most people don’t want ‘coaching’ because they don’t know the power of the process. Instead, they want a specific result.

Coaches end up trying to convince potential clients of the value of a particular certification program, instead of offering the result the potential client is looking for. Frankly, most coaching clients don’t care which “program” the coach went through.

Coaches then have to somehow prove that they are the best person, out of presumably hundreds of others, with that specific certification from that particular program.

In short, this just makes marketing their coaching services much harder.

Bruner’s clients build lucrative and rewarding coaching businesses by using her proven formula that blends the creation of a high-ticket signature program with effective online marketing strategies to create a successful client acquisition system.

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