Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions Improves Patients’ Quality of Life with Restorative Dentistry

Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions ensures patients have a beautiful and confident smile using dental implants, dentures, tooth restoration treatments, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Jmi Asam, the prosthodontist, has over 15 years of dental implant experience, giving her in-depth insight into dental technology, industry trends, modern equipment, and patient service tactics. She recognizes that every patient is unique, which is why she helps them understand their conditions before finding solutions that best fit their needs. Dr. Asam leads a team of staff who create a friendly, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere to put patients at ease and prevent dentist anxiety.

“I am excited to provide patients with quality and comprehensive dental care. I also pride myself in educating my patients about their dental conditions.” – Dr. Jmi Asam, Prosthodontist.

Dental implants are a tooth replacement option for patients with lost teeth desiring to maintain their gum and oral health. The prosthetics replace one or more teeth by fusing with the jawbone to create a stable base for dental crowns. After the advanced procedure, patients experience natural-looking, permanent, long-lasting, and comfortable teeth. Dr. Asam employs diagnostic technology such as 3D digital x-rays and CT scans to produce a surgical guide for implant replacement. The diagnostics allow the prosthodontist to examine bone density, provide a detailed 3D image of the mouth/jaw, locate precise placement/depth of implants, avoid sensitive areas, explore risk factors, and determine the proper type/size of implants.

Dr. Asam places the titanium posts securely in the jawbone under the gums to restore the patient’s smile, confidence, and oral health function. The clinic provides doctor-supervised sedation and general anesthesia during the surgical implant procedure. Once the implant fuses, she adds a dental prosthetic such as a dental bridge, crown, or denture. Whether a patient needs a single tooth, multiple arches, or full-arch replacements, the prosthodontist uses a unique technique to ensure that each dental implant positions precisely and at a specific angle for maximum stability.

Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions custom makes dental crowns to replace missing or damaged teeth. The restoration caps go over prepped half-broken, weakened, or large filling teeth to make them strong, durable, and natural. Dr. Asam covers the gap between teeth with dental bridges to improve chewing, function, and speech. She attaches dental bridges to surrounding teeth with dental cement or implants. After the procedure, she checks the bite alignment and polishes the bridge. Additionally, the clinic offers veneers, composite fillings, dental bonding, and gum grafts.

Dr. Jmi Asam worked in Chicago, IL as the first female prosthodontist who offered all-on-4 dental reconstructions. Since she opened her clinic in 2009, she has shared her dental experience with local communities without compromising education, compassion, and quality patient care. Check out the clinic’s website to learn more about Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions, or call (808) 737-6150 to schedule a consultation.

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