P2P Crypto Payment Processing System For Small Business With Zero Fees Announced

‘My Crypto Merchant LLC’ now provides small business owners with a secure and user-friendly platform for taking crypto payments that can be integrated alongside their existing payment processes.

More information is available at https://mycryptomerchant.com

The company also offers comprehensive training and support on setting up and using the platform to process payments as well as how to move and liquidate crypto assets.

Cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity, with recent reports estimating that there are 45 million crypto users in the USA alone. In response to this growth, businesses of all sizes that embrace this new payment option can stay one step ahead of their competitors while increasing their customer base.

Through proprietary payment solutions, ‘My Crypto Merchant’ enables small and medium-sized businesses to capitalize on this trend.

The company’s services include supporting clients in setting up their Business Crypto Name before connecting it to the company’s web-based crypto merchant platform. Once complete, the platform allows business owners to utilize their secure non-custodial wallets for processing peer-to-peer crypto transactions.

As ‘My Crypto Merchant’s’ platform has been developed specifically for SMBs, it has the key features a business owner would expect in a payment processing service. These features include immediate receipts for transactions, and in-built security against fraud, chargebacks, and bounced checks.

The platform can process unlimited transactions across over 175 cryptocurrency assets, including the most popular coins, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency transactions can also get dedicated support services from the company’s team of industry professionals.

SMEs who have integrated the crypto payment processing platform will receive additional materials to help train their employees on using the system. They can also get complimentary marketing materials to help promote their crypto payment options to new and existing customers.

A spokesperson for ‘My Crypto Merchant’ said, “Implementing crypto merchant services in small to medium-sized brick-and-mortar businesses can offer numerous benefits, including lower transaction fees, increased payment security, and the ability to attract a broader range of customers.

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