Osteopore “chasing the holy grail of tissue regeneration

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Osteopore Ltd (ASX:OSX) Chairman Mark Leong speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about the Australian-Singaporean medical technology company's pursuit of what he calls the "holy grail of tissue regeneration."

Leong explains that aiming to commercialise products designed to enable natural bone healing across multiple therapeutic areas, including both hard and soft tissue. Initially focused on bone regeneration, Osteopore has received major regulatory approvals for their implants. However, their technology also holds promise for soft tissue regeneration, including shoulder rotator cuff tendon repair and cartilage regeneration.

Looking ahead, the company aims to enter the "huge" Chinese market and is actively researching ways to accelerate tissue regeneration, potentially reducing healing time significantly.

He says "In the next half a year or so you'll see us breaking some new ground into entering the Chinese market… and on the technology front we will be putting more effort into developing the soft tissue part because that's a whole new area of therapeutic treatment… we are chasing the holy grail of tissue regeneration which is to speed up tissue regeneration."

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