Organic Costa Rica Coffee Medium Roasted Caturra & Catuai Varietals Launched

The coffee products e-retailer has expanded its range of premium roasts with the launch of a medium-roasted SHB/EP, certified coffee from Costa Rica that produces a unique tasting profile of sweet apple, raisin, and honey. This roast derives from the Caturra – a natural hybrid of Bourbon – and Catuai varietals, creating a rich, specialty coffee available in coarse and fine grinds.

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Boss Brew Coffee now offers this Strictly Hard Bean organic roast, cultivated at micro-farms in Alajuela in the north-central part of the country, for free delivery across the United States. Grown at 1300-1445 meters – per its certification – this volcanic loam soil coffee is eco-pulped and dried in the sun. Its EP (European Preparation) designation means that the raw beans are all hand-sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material. One customer commented: “I think this is my new favorite. Love it all the ways I drink coffee – hot or over ice.”

Costa Rica was introduced to coffee – like the rest of the continent – in the late 18th century, by way of the Spanish who brought it over from the Middle East and Africa. Once they had freed themselves from the colonial yoke of Portugal and Spain, Costa Rica began harvesting the product for export – an initiative so successful that its share in the economy and revenue it generated would overtake tobacco and cacao. Today, coffee production is a mainstay of the economy, making up 11% of Costa Rica’s export revenues. Recognized globally as a premier source of coffee beans and winner of numerous international contests, Costa Rica is the only country in the world where only the Arabica species is allowed to grow, by law.

The organic ingredients and natural flavors of this premium, high-grade selection from Costa Rica make for an especially clean and satisfying coffee-drinking experience.

Boss Brew Coffee prepares its roasts and curates packages for shipment individually, ensuring that customers get the most flavorful and aromatic blend possible. Delivery within the United States is guaranteed within four business days of any order.

Boss Brew Coffee makes forty-three varieties of roasts, including single-origin and flavored varieties. Highlights include Mocha (“absolutely delicious”), Pumpkin Spice, and African Espresso. The company also features state-of-the-art, specialty coffee equipment, mugs, and various accessories.

Another customer remarked: “The Costa Rica blend was balanced and flavorful. Free shipping is a plus.”

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