Organic Bamboo-Cotton Blend Swaddle, Newborn Baby Take Home Outfit Launched

The new collection has been designed with the utmost softness, comfort and ‘snuggle-ability’ in mind. Jolly Swaddles is also proud to be launching new luxury print swaddles that are suitable for newborn photo shoots.

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The launch of a new collection of swaddles coincides with the latest research on their benefits from the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). Although swaddling is an ancient technique, it continues to be popular, as NCT explains, because it can help babies to settle more easily, sleep deeper and more easily, and even improve their neuromuscular development.

However, as the charity advocated, it is essential that babies are swaddled with light, breathable, natural fabrics like cotton that will safely regulate their temperature.

As such, Jolly Swaddles exclusively uses natural fibres and combines bamboo, rayon and cotton in their swaddles for the highest level of comfort for both babies and mothers.

In their new collection, they have options for both newborn girls and boys, and they also have another gender-neutral collection for those parents who want to steer away from conventional color palettes and motifs.

Popular choices in the new girls’ collection include their ‘Little Bloom – Swaddle & Bow’, which features a warm cherry red base with a different hued pink and purple floral design and a matching bow that makes it perfect for photographs. For boys, their ‘Dino – Bean & Hat’ features a crisp white base and cute cartoonish blue and multi-colored dinosaurs. And, in gender neutral, the store has options like their ‘My Little Pineapple – Hat & Bean’, which features a golden and green water-color style pineapple print.

All of Jolly Swaddles’ swaddles are designed to be versatile and can be used as a swaddle for a take-home newborn photo shoot or for daily swaddling comfort, as well as being useful as a nursing cover, burp blanket, receiving blanket, stroller canopy, changing blanket or tummy time blanket.

Jolly Swaddles is a retailer of organic and all-natural newborn baby outfits based out of Maryland that ships across the US.

A spokesperson for the swaddle designers said, “Our swaddles are handcrafted with comfort for your bean using organic blends of bamboo, rayon, and cotton for a memorable photo or your next snuggle. They will grow with your newborn until they turn one, which means one size creates everlasting memories.”

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