Orange County, FL Performance Bond Agency: Custom Online Applications Launched

The recently launched online application portal can be used by contractors who want to streamline their performance bond application. Using this service allows them to submit not only inquiries but also other required documents needed to process the application.

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Surety Bond Professionals’ new service helps contractors apply for performance bonds faster, ultimately allowing them more time to bid on more projects. This is especially helpful for small contractors who may not have the time to do such administrative work while they are busy working at the project site. The bond agency processes performance bonds for all types of construction projects, whether government or privately owned, and uses a secure web portal to process all the required financial documents that the contractor submits.

Performance bonds are crucial for contractors because they assure the project owner that they have the experience and the capital to back up their bid. With a performance bond in place, Surety Bond Professionals explains, the contractor and the project owner are assured that the project will be built according to the specifications in the contract.

Securing a performance bond is the easiest way for contractors to build their reputation and boost their revenue because the project owner is fully protected throughout the project. Once the contractor has the bond, they are protected from losses or construction delays. If the contractor fails to perform the duties stipulated in the contract, the surety company is obligated to seek another contractor to finish the project or compensate the owner for any financial loss.

About the Agency

Surety Bond Professionals provides all types of surety bonds for any size contractor. The agency is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 35 years and has worked with countless contractors on a wide range of projects. The agency has access to over 25 surety markets in the country.

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