Options Trading Prodigies: Meet the Team Behind Graystone Trading

What is a Prodigy? 

Prodigies are rare. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most admired composers to live, began to play songs on the harpsichord at four years old and started composing simple music at five. Furthermore, years later after hearing a famous piece of late Renaissance choral music called the Miserere. Mozart, the same night, transcribed the whole thing from memory.  Prodigies such as Mozart often exhibit prolific ability at a young age which later formalize into a series of great accomplishments. For the young team backing Graystone Trading, the conception of prodigy similarly rings true. 

Graystone Trading – Who are they?

The team behind Graystone Trading has over 7 years of experience investing in the stock market. With a combined four years trading options. Graystone Trading offers unparalleled stock market research and alerts which offers clarity and real-time financial recommendations specifically for stock derivatives. Graystone Trading offers their services, so that investors can make the best, most informed investment decisions.

“We are not a day trading group.” A Graystone team member noted. 

“We don’t try to yield double or triple digit returns every day – this isn’t a sustainable goal. We hold 3-5 core positions over a period of 1-5 weeks, depending on the pattern, volatility of the underlying stock, and the price target. Much of what we do on a day-to-day basis is adding to our position on dips to lower our average price for the position, or trimming some of our position when the stock rallies more than expected in a specific trading period.”

How Graystone Trading Started:

The idea for Graystone Trading came after working with a small cohort of private clients. After a few months of successfully working and growing client portfolios with options picks — the team knew they were capable. As a result, they looked to scale in a manner that made sense for their existing clients. 

“Many members have full-time jobs and cannot be on their phones all day.” remarked a Graystone representative.  

“We’ve recognized this and have built our service with this in mind. As opposed to spamming alerts all day as many groups do, our 1-2 alert tweets per day begin with the word “Alert”. If members get a twitter notification from me and the first word is not “Alert”, they know no action is required and they can carry on with their day. If the first word is “Alert”, they know action is required. This allows members to effectively follow the alerts while following up with the analysis and charting on their own time.” 

What makes Graystone different?

Graystone Trading is different due to their versatility to play different sectors. The trading methodology features constant rotation of different sectors which helps mitigate risk. Most recently, as of this publishing, the technology sector had sold off dramatically. The Graystone team had anticipated this pullback for a few weeks due to the FED raising interest rates, so an alert was sent to move the groups focus to names that would be immune to a broad market sell-off. 

“We moved into SOS and RKT to shield ourselves from overall market volatility. With stimulus talks ramping up and continuous money printing, we saw significant potential for BTC to take a next leg up towards 60k. SOS, a crypto-mining company, would rally in unison with BTC. In a week where SPY and QQQ fell 4 and 7% respectively, we captured 150%+ on SOS. RKT had been consolidating beautifully and systematically for months. We did a deep dive into the technicals, and identified massive potential for their earnings report release the week of March 1st. As a result,  we saw 130-300% profits on this trade in the same week as SOS.”

The Five Year Plan 

The mission and intention behind Graystone Trading is client profitability. Whether it’s transforming a small portfolio with less than $500 to helping bigger portfolios grow — the mission is the same: give picks that are profitable.  

“In 5 years our goal is to expand the group as much as possible” replied a Graystone team member. 

“Helping everyday people transform their accounts and their trading abilities. I want to create as many self-sufficient traders as possible. The additional monthly income that members make is fantastic, but learning how to trade efficiently allows for sustained growth in wealth.”

How to get started: 

Backed by 3 principles related to consistency, education, and client profitability; the Graystone team can add value to any retail investors portfolio. To learn more about how you can join Graystone Trading, visit their Instagram page and reference this article to get 15% off for a limited time only.  

Media Details:

Contact Name: Graystone Trading

Instagram: @GraystoneTrading 

Residence: New York City, USA

Company:  Graystone Trading

Website:  https://www.instagram.com/graystonetrading/