On-Demand Startup Mentorship Program For Prospective Entrepreneurs Announced

IdeaPros has announced on-demand, one-to-one business mentorships, which can be accessed conveniently through its online platform. These sessions are led by real-life entrepreneurs, who have established multi-million dollar companies in a number of fast-growing industries.

More information is available at https://www.ideapros.com

“Typically, if you want access to a business mentor, you would need to enter a business school or join a cohort program like an accelerator,” said a company spokesperson. “But both options are severely restrictive. The former because of high cost and the latter because of the need to have a working product before you’re even considered.”

“What we did is to make quality business education more accessible and practical, so you can spend more time building your dream business instead of sitting in a classroom,” they added.

For $299, one can take The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur, a 15-part program taught by IdeaPros’ founder and real-life serial entrepreneur, Frederick Cary. Unlike other business courses, The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur does not focus solely on fundamental concepts, but also on the unique philosophies and approaches used by Mr. Cary when he founded his own enterprises.

A more expansive course offering lessons on industry and market research, competitive analysis, and fundraising called Business Starter Pack is also available. This can be purchased along with The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur as a special bundle with a lower retail price.

“You can also get some hands-on business training by working with us directly,” the representative said, explaining that IdeaPros is open to offering its services in exchange for equity. This option is open to any startup at any stage, provided its founders obtain the approval of IdeaPros’ advisory team, who will subject the proposed business to a thorough review.

Since its establishment, IdeaPros has been involved in over 350 startup launches.

“My LLC partner and I did an extensive review on IdeaPros beginning with BBB and then reading 113 reviews on Trustpilot,” one client said. “Our experience dealing with their team is reflective of their A+ BBB rating coupled with the overall outstanding reviews on Trustpilot. These folks are the real deal.”

To learn more, interested parties are advised to watch a free webinar introducing the company’s services at https://fred.ideapros.com/play

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