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Omar Al Ashi: From Palestine to the World

Show me a man who’s good at what he does, and we will show you Omar Al Ashi.

Although, born and raised in Jordan, Omar Al Ashi did his graduation from The University of Toronto.

Over the years, Omar has built an establishment with more than 20 employees which is based in Dubai, known as Urent.

Omar says that he got the idea for his now successful business Urent when he learned about the Canadian competitor ‘Turo’. He made Facebook posts and advertisements that then exposed Urent to a point where his company became one of the best startups in UAE. Because of this, he felt he has a gift of impacting people’s lives and went ahead to expand his business.

He has worked with many influential people. With a business reach as large as Urent which has been in business for more than 3 years, he has worked with thousands of people to grow their businesses through digital marketing with amazing results. 

Like every success story, Omar Al Ashi has also had his own personal experiences that now guide him in making good decisions for himself and his company. One of those challenges was his partnerships with the Dubai’s RTA.

Omar isn’t into the P2P car rental industry just for the fun of it. He says that the services are unique and are specifically tailored to serve each client exactly how they want to be served. His plan for the nearest future is to make the modern car-rental startup ‘Urent’ accessible to every person in the world.

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