Oklahoma ERTC Advisor For Hospitality Businesses, Claims Assistance Announced

Heros ERTC’s recently updated services see the company’s team of CPAs offer complete pre-qualification and application services that can determine if a restaurant, bar, or cafe owner’s business is owed ERTC funds.

More information is available at https://herosertc.com/heroic-business-owner

As part of their recent update, the company offers a short, no-obligation eligibility checking service to allow hospitality SMB owners to see if, and how much, they could be owed in Employee Retention Tax Credits.

While the social distancing and lockdown measures that forced many restaurants and cafes to close during the pandemic have been lifted, the economic impact of current geo-political events is now causing financial difficulties for many SMB owners. Heros ERTC said that the ERTC program offers these businesses a much-needed source of funds for additional capital or the payment of loans incurred during the health crisis.

As the company explains, despite many business owners knowing about the government’s ERTC and PPP programs that were made available during the pandemic, they may incorrectly believe they are not eligible to make a claim. This misconception is often due to the changes made in eligibility criteria, as well as a lack of clear information regarding the program.

Heros ERTC is dedicated to working only on ERTC cases, offering businesses extensive insight into the program and how to submit successful applications. Additionally, the firm is experienced in assisting small businesses in the hospitality sector, which may not have access to an experienced finance team to help them make a claim.

Business owners looking to check if they are owed funds from the program can find a short questionnaire on the company’s website that can provide an estimate of how much they could receive. The site also has further details on the ERTC application support available from the firm, which includes updating paperwork, supplying audit-proof documentation, and a cross-checking service involving multiple accountants.

A restaurant owner who recently used Heros ERTC’s services said, “We had a phenomenal experience working with the team. In less than 3 weeks, we discovered we were eligible for over $400k in tax credits. I still can’t believe this is real.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://herosertc.com/heroic-business-owner

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