Oklahoma City Water Softener Systems, Home Unit Installation Service Update

The water treatment company now provides Safeway Premium Water Systems for residents of Edmond, Norman, and the wider Oklahoma City metro area. The new water-softening solution removes calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from domestic water supplies.

More details can be found at https://centralvacokc.com/water-softener-system-okc

In line with its commitment to making healthy water accessible to everyone, Advanced Vacuum & Water Systems’ new technology requires reduced salt and water use. As such, it helps homeowners to lessen their environmental impact and reduce their expenditure.

Hard water is formed when it collects minerals on its journey from rain through porous ground to aquifers. As the company explains, much of Oklahoma’s water supply is hard. While this is not considered to be a health issue, it can cause limescale build-up that affects appliances. Advanced Vacuum & Water Systems recommends that customers use a home water softening unit if they experience problems with hard water.

Water softeners require both water and salt input to run smoothly. To help customers conserve their resources, Advanced Vacuum & Water Systems’ equipment utilizes a specialized valve and smart technology to control water usage during regeneration. The company notes that this leads to 50% less water consumption than standard systems.

In addition, the water treatment experts note that the system requires 50% less salt than alternative models. “The biggest hang-up in purchasing water softeners is the idea of going to the store and buying and lugging bags of salt around every month. Or worse, having a monthly service bill from your local water treatment company to do it for you,” said a spokesperson for Advanced Vacuum & Water Systems.

For enhanced performance, the company’s technology uses high-capacity 10% cross-linked resin and catalytic activated coconut shell carbon. Three water softening and filtration system packages are available to suit customers’ needs.

Advanced Vacuum & Water Systems offers water testing to determine which equipment option best suits the customer’s water requirements. Systems are delivered with installation instructions and plumbing supplies for those who want to self-install. Alternatively, a plumber can be recommended. The company will start up the equipment and provides the first year supply of salt.

Founded by Safeway Water professional Greg Melancon, Advanced Vacuum & Water Systems has served customers in Oklahoma for 7 years. The company is specialized in the sale of USA-made water treatment and filtration systems and central vacuum units.

“I’ve made it my mission to help educate my clients so that they can make an informed, intelligent decision about their water treatment. I do extensive research and continual education training through the Water Quality Association so I can offer the best products and services on the market,” said Greg Melancon.

Interested parties can find more information at https://centralvacokc.com/water-softener-system-okc

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