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O’Hara Financials’ Alejandro Betancourt López Talks Energy and Investment

Recent events in Texas have brought energy and how we use and generate it to the forefront of discussion. The recent blackouts that left four million people without power for days shows how vulnerable an energy grid can be. The reasons for it are still being debated. Some say it was wind turbines freezing; others point to oil being affected by the weather.

Whatever the reasons for the Texas energy disaster, debate is needed to ensure that this not happen again. Without heat in the winter, people die. They die of hypothermia and refrigerated food somewhat ironically starts to spoil.

One man who knows a lot about energy and investment is Alejandro Betancourt. He is the type of man that is a walking success story. Betancourt grew O’Hara Financial into a significant investment group, rebranding into O’Hara Administration. Prior to that, he was the former head of Frontera Energy.

Originally the company was called Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. During his tenure, the electrical ring construction using thermoelectric plants in Caracas meant residents were without power for just thirty minutes rather than several days as they were in Texas.

Betancourt has been consulted about energy needs by several heads of state including Spain, and Venezuela.

He had the vision to tap into new Latin American markets and resisted lucrative takeover offers. History and the balance sheet has shown that he made the right decision to oppose the offers.



Thanks to his financial know-how, Betancourt invested in the BDK Financial Group. In 2015, it acquired Senegal based Bank of Dakar. A year later, it appointed Alfredo Saenz Abad as the president, and from that point, the bank has seen considerable expansion. The Bank of Dakar now operates in the Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, and Mali. The group offers banking services to the economic and monetary union of West Africa.


Another gift Alejandro Betancourt López has is entrepreneurial vision. He can see markets in and out of the energy sector. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board and President of Hawkers Co. Betancourt spearheaded the investment in 2016. He was the lead investor in a £50m funding round. This was followed two years later when he poured in another £20m.

Hawkers would be described as a social media success story, creating quality gender-neutral sunglasses. Since 2016, Hawkers has acquired two rivals. Northweek Sunglasses purchased in 2016, and Loopas in 2020.

Hawkers are now the third-largest sunglasses brand in the world. It opened 60 stores worldwide in a short space of time and now operates in twenty countries.


Like all good entrepreneurs, Alejandro Betancourt López has a talent for seeing the future. As such, he was quick to become a reference shareholder in Job and Talent, a company that helps firms manage and recruit employees.

One key aspect is the sophisticated algorithms it deploys to assist with recruitment.

Easy Payment Gateway was an early investment in the platform that is a dream for major financial companies. KYC checks, data enrichment, conversion, and online payment gateways are a complete solution for companies that need to manage international finances.