Ogunquit Beaches & Coastline Activities For Digital Workers, Report Released

The latest report lists whale watching, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing as the most common activities digital nomads can enjoy in Ogunquit. Crucial Constructs also provides recommendations on the various types of accommodations visitors can find in the coastal town, including health clubs, hotels, and bed and breakfast locations.

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The recently released guide gives particular attention to a wide range of activities that can be undertaken by digital nomads on the beach. The author suggests that a day at Ogunquit Beach can better be planned for by monitoring the Ogunquit Beach Facebook page because it is frequently updated by the local police department and includes information such as water conditions.

Throughout the report, readers will find tips on how to avoid crowds and parking costs, where to locate antique shops, and how to partake in local events. One such event is the annual sandcastle competition that draws in a number of locals as well as sandcastle enthusiasts from all over the country.

The sandcastle competition is part of Ogunquit’s Capriccio Events, which is a weeklong series of games and other competitions that take place in September. The town hosts an array of other activities during this time, including kite flying on the beach.

The sand on Ogunquit Beach does not contain any pebbles or rocks and is one of the softest beaches in the country, according to the report. Crucial Constructs recommends The Beachmere Inn to fully enjoy the beach, as it is located on the coast and each room comes with a personal veranda, kitchenette, and fireplace.

Readers will also find more information about the local events held in Ogunquit, as well as recommendations about the restaurants serving the most delicious meals in the area.

An excerpt from the report reads, “Ogunquit Beach has all types of dining establishments, from continental to steakhouses, they have all of it. Try Bonissoni, a Brazilian steakhouse in Ogunquit; if you are in the state of mind for continental food, attempt Jonathan’s, which offers regional cuisine in an informal yet stylish environment.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://crucialconstructs.com/best-beaches-for-digital-nomads-ogunquit

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