Ocean Sea Salt Oral Rinse With Xylitol | 2022 GNYDM Meeting Attendance Announced

With the announcement, the company brings extra visibility to a range of natural sea salt mouthwashes that promote healing and improve oral health. The alcohol, fluoride, and sugar-free oral rinses are enhanced with xylitol for increased salivary flow, and lysozyme – a natural antibacterial enzyme.

More details can be found at https://h2ocean.com

The company shared the effectiveness of its new patented formula at the recent dental convention which hosted over 30,000 dental professionals. The product developers joined highly regarded dental educators and over 1,600 technical exhibits showcasing the latest advancements in dental technology.

H2Ocean LLC’s mouthwash has been peer-reviewed in 8 medical journals. Furthermore, studies have shown the product to facilitate post-oral surgery healing in diabetics, improve oral hygiene index and reduce bacterial levels in patients with gum disease and high susceptibility to caries. It has also been proven to improve oral hygiene among adolescents.

Sourced from the Red Sea, H2Ocean LLC’s oral care rinses contain organic sea salt with over 80 trace elements and minerals. A company spokesperson said: “We use natural sea minerals and enzymes that are a match to our bodies’ saline immune system.”

As a naturally occurring enzyme found in saliva, lysozyme provides protection against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The website describes how sea salt helps to maximize the enzyme’s effectiveness when combined. It also notes that the mouthwash’s third ingredient and natural sweetener – xylitol, may decrease plaque build-up, and cavity formation, and soothe dry mouths.

The mouth rinses are available in a choice of Artic Ocean and Lemon Ice flavors and 8, 16, and 64oz volumes. The dentist-recommended formula can be used by people with dry mouths, gum irritations, sore throats, and canker sores, after oral surgery, to improve bad breath, support teeth whitening, and more. It is safe to swallow and suitable for all ages.

The company uses eco-friendly packaging, and all its products are reef safe. Other items include all-natural tattoo and body piercing aftercare, nasal rinses, and a wide range of vegan products.

H2Ocean LLC was founded in 2001 by Eddie Kolos – a marine biologist and keen surfer. The brand originally pioneered vitamin and mineral-fortified sea salt aftercare products for body art and became the largest developer of such products in the USA. It now distributes worldwide to countries including Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, and Europe.

A satisfied customer said: “This product makes my mouth feel clean and I think the salt helps keep my gums healthy. I have full dental implants which require a lot of dental hygiene and I have tried a lot of products but have been a loyal user of this product for years.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://h2ocean.com

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