Dr. Elena Klimenko had already earned her MD when she sought a more well-rounded approach to treating her patients.

(NEW YORK CITY) – Dr. Elena Klimenko is passionate about helping people whenever they have questions or concerns about their health. She began her medical practice by focusing on conventional medicine, but eventually decided to offer patients additional options and treatment intervention choices for their health and wellness. That’s when she discovered the benefits of integrative medicine.

By including integrative and functional medicine practices like homeopathy, acupuncture, IV therapy, biopuncture, bio-magnetic therapy, cosmetics within her practice, doctor Klimenko develops thorough treatment plans that address each person’s illness’s root cause.

“When people feel confident and beautiful, those emotions translate into a stronger health foundation,” said Dr. Klimenko. “We aim to help each patient achieve results they find are beautiful, both internally and externally.” That’s why doctor’s procedures include using non-invasive cosmetic procedures like fillers and Botox.

Four crucial benefits of Integrative Medicine:

— It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment from a person-first perspective, treating the whole patient, combining the needs of the body, mind, and spirit to deliver solutions for core health concerns.

— This process sets the foundation for improved overall health by actively addressing nutritional status, immunity, hormone imbalances, and environmental toxins.

— Each visit emphasizes the therapeutic doctor-patient relationship.

— It applies to primary or specialty care.

Dr. Klimenko then uses her experience as a traditional MD to have each treatment tailored to a patient’s unique requirements, creating a highly personalized process.

“It is essential for treatment plans to incorporate an individual’s culture and daily obligations,” said Doctor Klimenko. “We look at the various possibilities of what could interfere with certain recommendations, such as work responsibilities vs. exercise needs or spiritual dietary restrictions, to ensure we’re treating the individual at every level.”

By combining conventional and integrative medicine, Elena Klimenko offers a thorough approach to maximizing patient health and wellness outcomes.

“My goal is the same with each patient,” she said. “We work together to optimize their well being and confidence in their personal health. It could be full-term holistic care or a one-time visit – each person receives the support they need to reach their health and wellness preferences.”

Medical office of Dr. Klimenko provides support from the moment someone reaches out for assistance. “From the moment I arrived at the office until the time I left, each and every person I interacted with was personable,” wrote Erika Cline. “Dr. Klimenko is exemplary at reviewing not only test results, but [also] explaining the impacts in a digestible manner.”

More information about Dr. Elena Klimenko, including how to schedule an appointment, is available on her website.

About Dr. Elena Klimenko

As a board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Elena Klimenko uses her extensive experience in a community clinic, serving underserved New York communities. She also operates a private practice in Midtown Manhattan called Healthy Wealthy and Wise focusing on individual care for complex chronic illnesses and other serious illnesses. Dr. Klimenko fuses a traditional Western approach with integrative practices, enabling patients to receive a well-rounded treatment approach that may include biopuncture, IV therapy, bio-magnetic therapy, and other integrative and functional medicine methods.

Dr. Klimenko is also the author of the book How to Have Better Health: Functional Medicine 101.

Elena Klimenko, MD – Functional Medicine

280 Madison Ave #905

United States

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