Nutrition & Wellness Initiative Announced by Hilke Enterprises of Highland Utah

Health and wellness company, Hilke Enterprises LLC, announces a new health and wellness initiative at the domain.

The website was launched recently to provide education and resources on health topics impacting millions of Americans. Key focus of the initiative will be to share helpful information provided by health scientists, medical doctors and other health professionals on topics relevant to individuals seeking to improve their diet and fitness.

With the recent launch, topics addressed so far include intermittent fasting, improving insulin resistance, managing cholesterol with diet, safe weight loss, diabetic diet strategies, nutritional strategies to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, drinking water quality issues, drinking water purification technologies, liver health, and ketogenic diet. Additional topics and content will be added ongoing.

Hilke Enterprises company founder Bob Hilke shares that he “studied Nutritional Sciences because of a firm conviction that what a person eats can have a significant impact on longevity and wellness”. He continues, “there is a tremendous and evolving knowledge base of helpful scientific and practical information in health sciences that people ought to know about, and this project is a means to put the right information in the hands of individuals searching for solutions to improve their health trajectory.”

There is always a need to better understand health issues, and to identify solutions that can improve outcomes. And there is a lot of effort under way in the scientific fields to study and report on issues that are important to many people. Getting the science to the people where it can help in a timely manner is the challenge. Hilke Enterprises will be striving to help bridge that gap.

With many of today’s scientists, professors, doctors and other health professionals having greater exposure to the general public via social media, much of today’s innovative information in the health and wellness space is readily available, if one knows where to look. With, Hilke Enterprises will leverage social media resources to provide an insightful compilation of perspectives on important health topics.

Hilke Enterprises LLC is headquartered in Highland, Utah. The company’s focus includes providing information and products for nutrition, wellness, and drinking water purification.

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