NPS Law Offers Professional, Personalized Legal Defense Services for Personal Injury and Nursing Home Abuse

NPS Law helps its clients get the legal defense and counsel they need when they or their loved ones are victims of personal injury or nursing home abuse. The law firm provides customized legal services that consider each case unique and recommends approaches that are tailored to clients’ legal needs. They represent clients in court during a trial or out of court in mediation or negotiation. The lawyer offers legal counsel to inform clients’ decisions and takes time to explain the possible legal outcomes and goals for each case.

The law firm’s personal injury services cover a wide range of injuries, illnesses, and death caused by others’ negligent actions. They defend clients in cases involving car, motorcycle, and truck accidents, social security disability, premises, and product liability, workers’ compensation, dog bites, and slip-and-fall, among others. The lawyer seeks compensation for lost wages, injuries, emotional and psychological trauma, medical expenses, and other relevant expenses or losses incurred as a result of the injury. They help clients who have suffered broken bones, soft tissue damage, repetitive stress, and back, spine, and burn injuries, among others.

NPS Law defends elderly persons who have suffered any physical, emotional, or psychological abuse from their caregivers. The lawyer offers a free case review for nursing home abuse clients and files civil lawsuits against the abusers, their supervisors, and employers. They demand monetary damages appropriate to what clients’ loved ones have suffered. The attorney seeks compensation for verbal abuse, medication errors, physical abuse, environmental hazards, and failure to give medical attention. They sue caregivers who fail to provide adequate nutrition, refuse to help with bathroom necessities and grooming, provide improper shelter and cause wrongful death.

NPS Law has helped injury victims in central New York for over 40 years. The law firm has a team of licensed and experienced attorneys who have a keen focus on promoting confidentiality, integrity, and justice. The staff keeps clients informed every step of the process to avoid ambiguity and build long-term partnerships through positive experiences.

The firm representative had this to say about their services.

“The average person who’s been severely injured may have little understanding of their options. Having a lawyer on your side helps to even the odds and keep the person or company responsible for your injury from taking advantage of you. Our elder abuse attorneys will investigate, find proof of abuse and who did it, then demand compensation for your loved ones.”

NPS Law offers other services like criminal law defense for clients accused of driving while intoxicated. They provide legal counsel and representation to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

NPS Law is located at 219 1st St, Liverpool, NY, 13088, US. Contact their staff by calling (315) 453-9426. Visit the law firm’s website to learn more from NPS Law and their professional, personalized legal defense services for personal injury and nursing home abuse.

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