MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Businesses dealing with perishable goods need refrigeration to keep their products healthy for the market. To that end, some companies are known for providing excellent refrigeration to such commercial-based firms to keep their stock alive. In Australia, Nova Chill has been at the forefront of providing refrigeration services to commercial companies for over 40 years. The company’s expertise hinges on its years of experience, providing the below services.

Display Fridges

There is a need to display products to highlight what a business deals in, and for perishable goods, a refrigerator works wonders. Nova Chill has been and continues to supply commercial product display refrigerators to its clients in Australia. Some of these fridges have single, double, or triple doors, depending on what a client is looking for. They are upright electrical coolers with standard features fitted for their purpose. The iceboxes come with flexible and adjustable shelves moveable about to match the product’s shape.

Display Freezers

Any client with a supermarket or commercial kitchen may need top-of-the-line freezers to preserve their precooked or raw food. What better place to get a quality freezer than at Nova Chill? It has state-of-the-art cold storage systems fit for that purpose. Again, available in one, two, or three doors, the freezers have heated glass doors that are crystal clear, giving clients a clear view of the food. The door also prevents condensation build-up that can block any view. The business owners also find it easy to keep track of stock movements to refill the gaps left by customers. Nova Chill display freezers come with durable shelving for storing meals and ice bags.

Flower Fridges

Flowers are delicate products that require tender care to keep them fresh. How can a client keep their flowers fresh and enticing to the eyes of potential customers? There is a need to invest in an excellent flower display fridge. Nova Chill seems to understand this need, hence its coolers that keep the cut flowers fresh and extend their life from harvesting to sales.

Other Services

Nova Chill has committed to replacing inferior refrigeration brands its clients may be using that don’t serve the purpose they need them for. The coolers provided are of good quality, have a reliable display, and are cost-effective. Furthermore, the company provides financing to its clients to acquire the fridges or freezers they may need. The iceboxes are cost-friendly and save money on electricity bills. When a client buys from Nova Chill, the company undertakes the installation services. A four-year warranty by the company assures the durability and quality of these coolers.

About Nova Chill

Nova Chill is an expert refrigeration company known in Australia for supplying quality fridges and freezers to commercial businesses. It replaces bad refrigerators and freezers for its clients and fixes the faulty ones. With an elaborate website, interested clients can find a wealth of information about freezers and fridges. There is a dedicated phone line at (03) 5622 0194, an online fill-in form, and it is present on Instagram.

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