North Las Vegas Long Covid Telehealth: Consultation, Diagnostic Service Launched

The North Las Vegas clinic has updated its treatment protocols in line with patient demand for better access to remote counseling and monitoring as they navigate the difficulties of post-Covid Syndrome (PCS), or Long Covid, as it is popularly known.

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In Good Health PC, headed by Dr. Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, APRN-BC, has introduced a new program – requiring only a cell phone and a smartwatch – offering patients 24/7 remote monitoring of their symptoms and overall health. The smartwatch, provided by the clinic, incorporates GPS tracking and lets the group’s clinical team monitor and track key medical parameters.

Recent studies have shown that people suffering from Long Covid carry a heightened risk of developing kidney disease, elevated blood pressure, and other complications. People who suffer from Long Covid, also known as ‘long-haulers’, experience extended symptoms one to three months after they were infected. This condition can affect both people who reported mild symptoms and those who complained of severe symptoms.

For example, one study indicated that people with Long Covid can have more than a 25% drop in glomerular filtration rates (GFR) without showing any symptoms. The GFR demonstrates how well the kidneys are filtering.

Many people have reported their frustrations that when they seek help for symptoms in emergency rooms and urgent care centers, the results from standard diagnostic testing have proven inconclusive.

In Good Health PC has developed treatment strategies for PCS patients. The clinic monitors individuals’ health statuses by conducting facial scans using the patient’s cell phone camera with the artificial intelligence app. Dr. Sharon orders imaging and blood testing to help identify the extent of autoimmune inflammation and the likelihood of additional complications.

During patient consultations, Dr. Sharon explains what diagnostic tools are required to identify the danger of catastrophic occurrences, how to prevent such events, and how to manage the symptoms. The clinic has been working with this problem for over a year and has helped improve the health outcomes for thousands of patients. In Good Health PC also provides effective preventive medicine for those individuals who undergo diagnostic testing.

One patient commented: “Dr. Sharon was quick to the problem and was quick to the solution. He was very easy to talk to and very understanding, and everything went smoothly in all – he’s a great doctor. I would recommend Doctor Thomas Sharon to anyone who’s trying to seek help.”

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