Norristown Work Injury Workers’ Compensation Attorney, No-Win No-Fee Update

The Norristown Workers’ Compensation attorneys’ new no-win, no-fee policy enables employees hurt at work to pursue claims if they suspect they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Justice Guardians can help those recently affected by an accident at work claim workers’ compensation – a type of financial and healthcare benefit designed to recuperate the living expenses, lost income, and medical bills that accumulate during a victim’s recovery. Most employers carry this type of insurance as it can prevent injured workers from suing them directly.

The lawyers at the Justice Guardians Norristown office have years of experience seeking restitution for common workplace injuries including slips and falls, chemical exposure, electrocution, repetitive motion pain, and overexertion. It recognizes that accidents and workplace injuries often result in growing medical expenses, chronic physical pain, and long-term loss of income.

Its dedicated team of attorneys is committed to navigating legal processes on behalf of victims with denied claims, who in turn can better commit their time to recovery. The firm recommends claiming workers’ comp benefits as promptly as possible since in the state of Pennsylvania, victims of work-related injuries have only 120 days after the accident to make a report to their supervisor.

If these benefits are denied, victims then have three years to file a legal claim for them under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. In addition to obtaining workers’ comp benefits granted by the insurers of the employer, Justice Guardians can help victims launch personal injury claims against other liable parties. Moreover, if the client has been fired for filing the workers’ comp claim, the legal team can help them file a lawsuit against their former employer for violating federal law.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced work injury lawyer after you’ve been hurt at work. Suffering from workplace accidents can be unexpected and you deserve compensation to aid in recovery.”

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