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Noosaville Settlement Support For Property Buyers | Conveyancing Service Updated

With a track record of 25 years in conveyancing, including facilitating over 60,000 settlements, the local real estate law office now provides prospective home buyers with legal support for their planned property purchases.

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As part of its updated services, bytherules offers local real estate buyers to answer a short online form available on its website to get quotes for the company’s conveyancing services in 10 seconds.

Being an environmentally-conscious and tech-savvy company, bytherules has committed to reducing its paper waste by digitally securing and storing its documents rather than printing them. In addition to reducing emissions, this move allows for documents to be accessible to clients round-the-clock through its online portal.

The multi-award-winning firm offers specialised resources for buyers on its website, including a glossary of common conveyancing terms that clarify legal jargon. From its head office in Noosa Heads, the conveyancing team supports buyers throughout the three critical stages of purchasing real estate.

Before the contract is exchanged and signed by both parties, bytherules’ team will review it and draft any additional legal documents. During this stage, the conveyancing solicitors also advise first-time buyers on grants that could support their purchase, as well as liaise with their real estate agency.

Once contracts are executed, the firm provides buyers will a checklist of instructions that they need to confirm, including essential paperwork, to make sure they are fully aware of the sales process. When details on inspections, property searches, and insurance policies are verified, the firm will arrange a settlement time and location with the seller’s conveyancer.

In the settlement stage, which is the third and final step of the process, the firm will confirm the complete amount to be paid to the seller, including stamp duty, before attending the settlement meeting on their behalf to confirm it in writing.

The client-forward team of over 30 specialised paralegals and lawyers is available to provide assistance 7 days a week, keeping buyers updated throughout their purchase and supporting first-time buyers who are new to real estate transactions.

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