Nonprofits ERTC Eligibility Test | 2022 CPA Tax Rebate Application Launched

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program has ended, but it is not too late for employers to claim their tax credits for wages paid in 2020 and 2021. The new application process from Free Tax Cash allows non-profit organizations to take advantage of changes to the eligibility requirements to maximize their rebates.

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With the deadline to make claims approaching, many employers are unaware that startups, new businesses, and non-profit organizations are also eligible for ERTC rebates. The recently launched application process allows these businesses to make their claim using an optimized 15 Minute Refund program that is only available from one specialist CPA firm.

Business owners can answer a few brief questions on the company’s website to determine if they are eligible for a rebate, with no cost and no obligation. The program is open to all employers with less than 500 full-time employees on average.

With the passing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act in 2021, which included several changes to the ERTC program, many employers became eligible for tax rebates that did not qualify under the original rules. Businesses that have already received funds through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) now qualify for ERTC as well.

Tax rebates through the ERTC program are not a loan, unlike the PPP, and they do not need to be repaid. There are no restrictions on how the funds can be spent, and having already received a PPP loan will not reduce the amount employers can claim in tax rebates.

New businesses with more than one employee are eligible for rebates as a Recovery Startup Business and may claim up to $100,000 in rebates. Existing businesses, including non-profits, may claim up to $26,000 per employee. Non-profit organizations that have already received tax rebates include schools, hospitals, museums, performing art centers, and churches.

Among the organizations that recently used Free Tax Cash’s application process is Montessori School in Addison, IL, which received a rebate for $175,000 with 35 employees. Another business that made use of the tool in collaboration with the specialist CPAs was a restaurant ownership group in Florida that claimed $1,120,000 for 224 employees.

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