Non-Oily Gourmet Espresso Beans For JURA | Fair Trade Organic Varieties Released

The newest items in GoCoffeeGo’s catalog consist of certified fair-trade organic coffees ideal for making espresso, and they are particularly well-suited to JURA coffee machines.

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The latest of GoCoffeeGo’s featured products highlight the role that bean quality plays not only in the taste of the brew, but also how it may affect coffee brewing machines. Although darker roasts are more commonly used for espresso, dark-roasted beans are typically greasier because the high temperatures and length of the roasting process cause them to secrete oils. This residual oil can build up over time in espresso machines and accumulate on the surface of essential components, and this can compromise the machine’s performance.

Many of the espressos that GoCoffeeGo offers are non-oily, in addition to being sourced from high quality roasters and reputable farms and producers. Customers can thus brew these coffees repeatedly without fear of damaging their espresso machines.

The new Rwanda Sholi Coop Natural is a light-roasted, naturally processed coffee suitable for brewing espresso. Coffee cherries grown on the Sholi Coop are inspected rigorously before being covered and allowed to ripen for up to 30 hours, developing into coffee beans that yield a sweet, full-bodied coffee with notes of strawberry, peach, fruit punch, and caramel. This roast is provided by Ghost Town Coffee Roasters, which places great importance on procuring their coffee from socio-economically and environmentally responsible farms.

Also available on GoCoffeeGo’s website is Equator Coffees’ Eye of the Tiger Espresso, an espresso blend developed from coffees that are currently in season. The current iteration of this evolving blend is a medium roast sourced from the CODECH cooperative in Guatemala and the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Various processes go into producing the coffee, and the resulting beverage has notes of berry jam, peanut butter cups, and clementine.

Another popular choice is Thanksgiving Coffees’ Upsetter Espresso, a light-roasted coffee with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and citrus. This critically acclaimed blend was developed from beans originating from Nicaragua, Congo, and Ethiopia, and it won the Good Food Awards in 2019.

With many other award-winning coffees in their inventory, GoCoffeeGo remains the premier niche marketplace for specialty roasts. The company has served over 10 million customers to date.

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