No Fee Entry for Qualified Members is the new membership policy from The League of Tigers (tLOT –

SINGAPORE, December 21, 2022/ — The League of Tigers ( ) is in process of implementing a new membership policy whereby all membership fees are waived, and only annual donations shall be accepted.

The League of Tigers (tLOT, ) is a growing global community of over 1000 members, where investors join forces and invest as one.
As of 1st December, tLOT shall cancel the annual membership fee of $45,000 and in turn shall accept only donations from its members.

“We believe that the value this community generates for its members is almost immeasurable, thus, by cancelling our annual membership fee we allow our members to contribute as they see fit by making their donations every November, during our Masters Only Summit.

The community will maintain the highest standards in assessing the membership applications, thus ensuring only the highest quality of likeminded investors, entrepreneurs, business people and professional join us.

The extraordinary success and growth our community has enjoyed over the past 3 years is the statement that proves we are doing things right. We are building a strong, robust, visionary communal that leverages the power of us, as a group, to generate great economic and social value for each individual member.

Investors are stronger when they join forces …. and we’ve proven that from day one.” – Seth Brickfield, co-chair of tLOT Board, said on Monday, November 28.

The League of Tigers (tLOT ) is a community of investors with over 1000 members worldwide. The mission of tLOT is to develop and cultivate a strong communal of like-minded investors, driven by the same values, investing in well-researched and vetted situations that meet the community’s core criteria.

The League of Tigers (tLOT) is presided by the Board – a group of over 50 business leaders, banking experts, veteran entrepreneurs, hedge fund and VC managers. The Board’s role is to research, identify, vet, and approve investment opportunities within a select number of niches and bring these opportunities to the tLOT community. Each member decides if to participate in a group that ultimately invests in the opportunities set forth.

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