NJ Shore properties get project management services with Eye House Watch

Second-home Property owners across coastal NJ come from neighboring states and from as far as Florida. In the off-season, property owners can’t be in two places at one time. Yet the off-season is the ideal time to take care of that long list of interior and exterior projects owners want to get done.

Eye House Watch is a house watch service in LBI, BHW, and Barnegat NJ that assists the owners in navigating the trades. EHW can navigate all aspects of the project from the initial pursuit of the estimates to the completion of the task. Most importantly, all steps are accomplished while allowing ongoing and careful approval stages for the owner.

The role has evolved where Eye House Watch is project managing the off-season Beach House to-do list. That period between October 1 and April 1 is a window of time to knock out any project or task requiring fully insured and licensed experts in the trades. Property owners don’t want to attack these to-do’s during the high season as they want to head to the beach and enjoy their Beach House.

Interior and exterior tasks are all getting done more frequently, including; interior painting, carpets cleaned, windows cleaned, interior cleaning, power washing, HVAC service, landscaping, fiberglass, gel coat, winterizing, plumbing, fall clean up, spring clean up, and opening or closing the beach house. All work is done via fully insured and licensed trades.

EHW Owner and founder Jim McCarten stated, “it really makes total sense for this angle of opportunity to evolve more and more. The project management role is a value-added extension to the EHW client services. Connectivity, technology, and frequent up-to-the-minute pictures make the ongoing updates to the client easily accessible, impactful, and accurate. Property owners want to maximize their property investment and keeping current with their projects and their tasks is so important to managing a property”.

McCarten added, “The amazing thing is the referrals really do travel both ways. While EHW works strictly for the property owner, the trades experts see our service excellence in the house watch service role. At the same time, we see their expertise in their trade and the homeowner clients benefit again and again”. You can view EHW client testimonials here.

The real takeaway here is don’t wait another day! Property owners across LBI, BHW, and Barnegat NJ benefit by contacting Jim at Eye House Watch.

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