Nine-Year Old Author from Canada Releases Her First Book

The Adventures of Archer the Axolotl Guardian of the Lake

The Adventures of Archer the Axolotl: Guardian of the Lake is now available for preorder!

Bowmanville-Newcastle, Ontario Apr 28, 2023 ( – Faith Cellan, a nine-year-old author from Ontario, Canada, has launched her debut book, The Adventures of Archer the Axolotl: Guardian of the Lake. The book is a captivating tale about an endangered amphibian that has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. You can pre-order it now, and it will hit stores on July 22, 2023.

The Adventures of Archer the Axolotl: Guardian of the Lake is a unique blend of fiction and non-fiction, aimed at middle-years readers who love amphibious life. The story follows Archer, a friendly and unique axolotl, who lives in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico. He and his family and friends enjoy their peaceful underwater world until preying predators threaten to destroy their homes.

This tale is perfect for readers who love sea creatures or are concerned about the conservation of vulnerable aquatic life.

“I wrote The Adventures of Archer the Axolotl: Guardian of the Lake to help kids learn about endangered species and important issues such as bullying,” said Faith Cellan. “I’m happy that my book is now available for children to read and learn from.”

The book has already received praise from readers and reviewers alike, with many commending Faith for her creativity and passion for endangered species. The Adventures of Archer the Axolotl is a perfect addition to any child’s library and a great way to teach children about the importance of conservation, environmental protection and social issues such as bullying.

LitPick Reviews raves about the book, calling it “a cute story about friendship, bullying, bravery, and determination,” and praises its ability to relate to the fear and loneliness felt by those who have been bullied. “This book shows the importance of being the type of friend who stands up for someone who is being picked on.”

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, Apple books, Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble in both print and digital formats.

About Faith Cellan:
Faith is a nine-year-old, first time author from Ontario, Canada. She has always been passionate about storytelling and is fully committed to raising awareness about endangered species and social issues among children. She hopes that her book will inspire others to take action.

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