Nicole Thornes’s New Book Is Ready to Hit the Shelves This December

Maryland, Berlin –Aspiring author Nicole Thornes announces the launch of her new book, Daddy’s Home, a book dedicated to the remembrance of the fallen and those left behind. However, it is as much about cathartic renewal as it is loss and is inspired by the author’s story. Forced to retire after her line of duty injury, this tale mirrors Nicole’s journey of grief from feelings of loss and abandonment through her own recommitment and renewal. Ultimately, Daddy’s Home honors not only our heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice but those who continue to struggle and sacrifice daily.

Nicole Thornes beautifully delivers a heart-wrenching story of loss and demise in her book. The narrative pays a well-deserved homage to all the brothers and sisters killed in the line of duty. The story includes the perspectives of family members and the emotional turmoil they undergo after losing a beloved.

Daddy’s Home powerfully shows a variety of feelings people undergo when mourning the loss of a loved one. Hope and optimism are prevalent, but it does not shy away from the harsh reality of tragic outcomes.

Thornes is also the proud owner of Positive Passing, LLC, which was established with the aim to help guide everyone involved in navigating through this fog of death and the grief that can surround it. Services that are offered are the following but not limited to: companionship, coordinating a circle of support, legacy projects, facilitating Advance Care Planning, meal preparations and light housework, assistance finding pet care, running quick errands, assistance with facilitating rides and accompanying to healthcare visits, Memorial portraiture, Keeping bedside vigil at the end.

Daddy’s Home is now available in ebook on all major publishing platforms on 20th December, 2022 including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle.

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