Nicholas Cormier Shares 4 Mistakes When You Start A Digital Marketing Company

Nicholas Cormier Shares Some Insights For An Amateur Digital Marketing Agency Owner To Be Aware

Nicholas Cormier shares with his fellow budding preneurs, ‘If you’re running a marketing agency, you probably know a thing or two about offering marketing services to your clients. But with the pace of digital transformation and new trends emerging all the time, ‘to err is human’, you may make some strategic and tactical errors when selecting the best mix of your digital marketing services.’ You can check Nicholas’s quick reminder list of 4 to avoid the mistakes agencies often make when getting into new digital services.

Mistake 1 – Forgetting About Mobile Users

Make sure you’re not overlooking mobile customers. Having a website isn’t enough. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices as the majority of them use phones to access links and other types of digital services. Always remember that bad mobile experiences can turn customers away from your business.

Mistake 2 – Not Offering Lurable Grabs

Reward your customers. You need to offer discounts and promotions to encourage buying and get people to your doors and website. Offering discounts will do so. Advertise your sales clearly, and promotions can help increase your sales. Bring in a coupon system to build a little longer relationship with your clients, and bring out your best products/services at those times. Discounts are a great way for you to acquire new customers and retain your current clientele but coupons can create customer loyalty.

Mistake 3 – Supreme Lack of Stickiness

Online advertising agencies lose business when they begin to do a great job. When clients have a feeling that they can handle the digital world themselves because of your consistent results, you obliterate CPA goals, eliminate inefficiencies, and run out of ideas to test. You made heaps of cash for your client, but you couldn’t make yourself irreplaceable. So be the stickier business handler – Stop managing standalone marketing channels and start developing and executing on cohesive, cross-platform growth strategies. Show your insights in Google Ads to inform Facebook audience creation, using RLSA to reach top of funnel prospects first touched on Instagram later in the sales cycle: Basically, aligning all platforms in one business report as they are all interlinked. Do that, and your agency becomes utterly indispensable.

Mistake 4 – Not Converting Web Traffic To Customers

Look at your website analytics and see the number of visitors continuing to grow. This is great news until you have triple the amount of traffic from the previous month, but your sales numbers are staying the same. If your web traffic isn’t converting to sales, make sure your website is easy to navigate, and you have plenty of search options and filters so users can quickly find what they want and make a purchase.

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