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NFT MAZE Closed Its First Round of Investment With $80K From Private and Angel Investors To Build a Next-Level NFT Marketplace

Victoria, Malta — NFTs are ever-growing in demand. Current market-cap of NFT project is sitting just above $49B which is three times than what it was last year. With NFTs came NFT marketplaces, some were good and some were really bad. NFT sector also contributed to sky-rocket ETH gas fees which pushed lots of projects to other blockchains such as Solana and BSC. The most expensive NFT was sold for $69m in an auction. This goes to show that NFTs are here to stay. This also confirms that there will be a surge in platforms to buy and sell NFTs in the coming years. This would also mean that more and more NFT buyers will be exploring NFTs to buy and will be looking for a seamless buyer experience. One of such projects that is geared towards build the ultimate NFT buyer journey is NFT MAZE.

NFT MAZE is on mission to develop the most user-friendly NFT marketplace for NFT lovers. The company has recently closed their first round of investment with $80k from its private and angel investors. As per NFT MAZE, they ran the process for 3 days and collected investors’ interest. The company prioritized investors who could bring more value to the table rather than just money.

NFT MAZE told that they’re going to use the funds to further develop NFT MAZE platform and to onboard a few influencers to boost credibility of its platform. In addition to its first investment round, the company is planning to conduct two more investment rounds to fund its key milestones in 2022.

“We’re humbled to see support from our investors. NFT MAZE’s sole goal is to become the-go-to platform for any user and brand to engage with NFT content and to unlock the deeper commercial potential of NFTs for all digital assets in both all markets across blockchains.” – said Christopher Anderson, founder/CEO, NFT MAZE


NFT Maze is a decentralised NFT Marketplace for Creating and Selling NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain; its goal is to create the most User-Friendly & Interoperable NFT platform which rewards its holders.

Some of NFT MAZE’s features:

  • AI-based aggregating and presenting of hot and trending NFTs to users
  • Revenue sharing mechanism where 2% of every transaction on its platform is shared with NFT MAZE’s holders
  • One-page to list, buy and sell NFTs to create a smooth and painless experience for newcomers to NFT world

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