NFC-Embedded Greek Life Challenge Coins, Custom Design, Minting Service Launched

This slate of new designs has been tailored to the needs of fraternities and sororities and can provide members of these organizations with high-quality custom challenge coins. Like their other designs, these new challenge coins from Gray Water Ops can also be further customized with their patented NFC technology.

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Gray Water Ops has provided similar services to various communities, including veterans’ organizations and other public servants. This new round of expansion brings the same level of quality that they have provided to these communities to the nationwide network of Greek Life organizations present on many college campuses.

These organizations can now commission customized artwork from the company’s in-house design team, providing members with a personalized challenge coin keepsake. These coins can be passed down to new members within the organization or held as tokens to demonstrate membership.

Challenge coins have long been a symbol of membership for many organizations, and now, with Gray Water Ops’ proprietary technology, these coins can hold a utility on top of their aesthetic and sentimental value. Integrated NFC chips embedded in each coin can be programmed to interface with most modern smart devices.

This patented NFC technology can, when passed over a compatible receiver, be used to execute commands, transmit contact information, or link to a particular website. This is ideal for networking purposes and may be particularly helpful for national-chapter fraternities or sororities in a cross-campus meetup setting.

Each coin can be customized with a variety of inlay materials and set into a solid brass housing; materials include enamel and various metallic options. Customers can provide their own artwork, or work with the Gray Water Ops design team to create an original design from scratch.

About Gray Water Ops

For many years, the company has dedicated their services to Veteran related organizations nationwide. With fundraisers, Gray Water Ops commits 50% of every sale to support networks for servicemen and women.

“We had an awesome experience together serving the people in Nicaragua and these coins were the perfect gift for my people to serve as a reminder of all we accomplished together,” one customer said. “It was also very fun educating them all on the history of coins in the military and they were all blown away by the beauty and design of the coins.”

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