NFC Bronze Enamel Challenge Coins For VFW Meetings & Military Units Launched

This expansion builds on the company’s existing service by providing VFW organizations with the ability to provide unit members with high-quality individualized keepsakes. These challenge coins feature a solid brass casing and enamel inlay, and can be constructed in a variety of custom shapes and sizes.

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Challenge coins have been a military tradition since the Roman empire, and they have persisted as a symbol of membership and camaraderie to this day in law enforcement and military organizations. This service expansion by Gray Water Ops carries on the tradition of providing military units with commemorative medallions tailored to that unit’s unique identity.

Gray Water Ops’ coins feature a range of metallic and enamel face design options as part of their custom design service. Prefabricated designs also exist for most major military organizations, which can be altered with assistance from the Gray Water Ops design team for a more personal touch.

These coins also feature the unique utility of the company’s patented design, which features NFC (Near Field Communication) chip integrations. These chips can directly interface with most modern smart devices to link to websites, execute commands, and instantly transmit contact data.

For military units looking to catch up after years apart, these coins have been designed to make the networking process as seamless as possible. They are also ideal for memorial or charity funds, as they can be used to instantly direct potential donors to the collection page by way of the NFC chip.

On the topic of donation, 50% of every Gray Water Ops fundraiser order goes towards veterans’ health organizations and other charities. They have already donated over $143K to various non-profits as part of their commitment to US service members, and given that the business is entirely owned by veterans, they will continue to do so.

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