Newmarket, ON Criminal Defence Lawyer for Murder, Manslaughter Charges Update

The latest statement from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation outlines its expansion into the Newmarket, ON, area, providing guidance and legal advice for defendants who have been arraigned for violent crimes. The team brings decades worth of experience in handling these types of cases, helping to explain and simplify the complexities of the Canadian justice system to inform client choices.

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The announcement underlines Mr. Jaksa’s non-judgemental approach and firm belief in the integrity of criminal law in Canada. Based on an intimate knowledge of the Canadian Criminal Code, the firm brings expertise in the classification of homicide charges, ensuring that defendants are only accountable for appropriate offences given the available evidence.

Despite a modest overall crime rate, Newmarket has seen a notable increase in violent crime over recent years. A report by York Regional Police revealed a 27.4% rise in violations causing death in the year 2019 compared to 2015 with this trend accelerating further by 2021.

The Jaksa firm has represented hundreds of clients on murder charges, successfully negotiating many cases to have these reduced to manslaughter. The team reviews all of the Crown’s evidence and conducts its own investigation into an incident, ensuring that all evidentiary submissions by the prosecution are relevant and have been legally obtained.

Mr. Jaksa provides support and expert counsel for clients from initial arrest to bail hearings, pre-trial motions, courtroom appearances, and appellate proceedings. The firm advocates for its involvement as soon as the arrest is made to ensure that clients do not inadvertently incriminate themselves.

Common defences for homicide cases include self-defence, defence of another person, or defence of property. Mr. Jaksa’s thorough review of a case ensures that each of these approaches is explored to secure a favourable outcome for a defendant.

About William Jaksa

After graduating from law school at Windsor University, William first set up his firm in 2007. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Criminal Lawyers Association, and the Law Union and also does volunteer work for the Ontario Justice Education Network. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “William Jaksa works with his clients to ensure they have the best legal representation, that they understand the criminal trial process and that they are an integral part of developing a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome from the pre-trial motions to the jury trials.”

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