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The newly updated service gives foodies and music lovers who are planning to attend an upcoming festival the opportunity to roll up in a vintage Airstream and stake their claim on a parcel of private event space seating. The RV Airstreams team adapts conventional Airstream vehicles into attention-grabbing backdrops, marketing tools, and festival headquarters that feature all the conveniences of a sophisticated, mid-century American apartment.

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While music and food festivals can be an exciting part of any summer, they also come with their own inconveniences. RV Airstreams Vintage Fleets resolves all these concerns with newly updated services that bring an at-home feel to any outdoor event.

A variety of Airstream models known for their iconic polished aluminum coachwork and stylish interiors are available for hire through RV Airstreams Vintage Fleets. With their unique shape and versatile interiors, Airstreams deliver on form, functionality and style. Amenities can include kitchens, minibars, bathrooms, air conditioning, heating, makeup stations, and more.

RV Airstreams Vintage Fleets was founded in 2019 to elevate branded promotional events, pop-ups, weddings, and outdoor events.

The RVs are also ideal for vintage picnics and can be accessorized with outdoor seating in styles that range from rustic to minimalist, to glamping, to full living room arrangements with couches, armchairs, coffee tables, and carpets. The company also provides the driver.

RV Airstreams Vintage Fleets has been contracted by celebrities that include Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Sandra Bullock, and many others. President John F. Kennedy was famous for using an Airstream as his mobile office when he was in New Mexico.

A company representative says, “Airstreams have been featured in movies like Independence Day, Legally Blonde, and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. If you want to feel like a celebrity yourself the next time you attend a music or food festival, we’ve got you covered.”

The Airstream fleet includes two 36′ vehicles: the 1994 Beautystream and the Daystream; a 24′ 1974 Mediastream; and the 20′ Lovestream. With an update in services to provide music and food festival goers a unique home base, RV Airstreams gives their clients attention-grabbing seating and elevated homestyle comfort.

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