New York Grandparents’ Rights Attorney Ethan Steward Releases Article on Filing for Grandparent Rights

New York, NY – New York grandparents’ rights attorney, Ethan Steward (, has released a comprehensive article on how to file for grandparent rights in New York State. The article covers the legal process and requirements that grandparents must fulfill to obtain visitation rights to their grandchildren.

According to New York grandparents’ rights attorney Ethan Steward, “Grandparents play an essential role in the lives of their grandchildren, and when they are denied access to them, it can be devastating for everyone involved. Filing for grandparent rights can be a complicated legal process, and it’s important to have an experienced attorney guide you through the process.”

The New York grandparents’ rights attorney’s article provides a step-by-step guide on how to file for grandparent rights, including the legal requirements and the factors that the court considers when granting visitation rights. It also covers the situations where grandparents can file for custody of their grandchildren.

“Grandparents can file for visitation rights if they can prove that their relationship with their grandchild has been negatively affected by the child’s parent or legal guardian,” says Ethan Steward. “It’s important to note that the court will always prioritize the best interests of the child when making decisions about visitation and custody.”

To obtain visitation rights as grandparents, they need to file a petition in the appropriate New York county court where their grandchild lives. The petition should include the reasons for the request, such as their relationship with the child, interference with visitation, and the proposed schedule. Once the petition is filed, all concerned parties, including the child’s parents and anyone seeking custody, will be notified by the court. In certain cases, a lawyer may be appointed to represent the child’s interests to ensure their opinion is considered.

Grandparents who seek visitation rights must prove to the court that they have an existing relationship with the child, or that the parent/guardian has intentionally and improperly prevented one from being established. If one or both parents are deceased, the determination is automatically made under New York state law. Once legal grounds for visitation are established, grandparents must show that spending time with them is in the child’s best interests.

It is important to note that disputes may arise between parents and grandparents in court cases, but this alone is not sufficient to reject a request for court-ordered visitation. The court will consider the parents’ preferences and take into account various factors, such as the family structure and the child’s everyday living situation.

The article also emphasizes the importance of seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney when filing for grandparent rights. “Filing for grandparent rights can be a complex legal process, and it’s important to have an attorney who can provide the necessary guidance and support throughout the entire process,” says Steward.

Finally, the article provides helpful information and guidance for grandparents who wish to file for grandparent rights in New York State. It underscores the importance of seeking the services of an experienced attorney to navigate the legal process and achieve the best possible outcome for both the grandparents and their grandchildren.

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