New Study Reveals How Cell Tower Lease Rates Vary by Tower Type: Insights into Rooftop, Monopole, and Lattice Towers

A new study by, a leading provider of cell tower lease negotiation and consulting services, has revealed how rates vary by tower type. The study offers insights into rooftop, monopole, and lattice towers, and provides property owners with valuable information to negotiate better lease rates.

David Espinosa, company’s president, said, “We understand that every property owner wants to get the best possible lease rates, and our consulting service is designed to help them achieve that. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, they are specialized in providing consulting services to private as well as public owners of land, cell sites, or ongoing leases. Count on the best cell tower lease consultants in the USA.”

The study found that cell tower lease rates vary significantly depending on the type of tower. Rooftop towers, for example, tend to have higher lease rates compared to monopole and lattice towers. This is due to the unique advantages that rooftop towers offer, such as greater visibility and accessibility. Monopole towers, on the other hand, tend to have lower lease rates due to their smaller footprint and less desirable location.

The study also found that lattice towers tend to have the lowest lease rates of the three tower types. This is due to the greater number of lattice towers in the market, which creates more competition and drives down lease rates.

To help property owners negotiate better lease rates, offers a consulting service that provides expert analysis and advice on lease negotiation. Their team of experts has decades of combined experience and has successfully negotiated hundreds of lease agreements for property owners across the country.

“Our consulting service is designed to help property owners make informed decisions and negotiate favorable lease agreements,” added David Espinosa. “By providing insights into how rates vary, we can help property owners understand the factors that are driving these differences and negotiate better lease rates.”

The company has a proven track record of success in cell tower lease negotiations and consulting services. Their team of experts has the experience and knowledge necessary to help property owners navigate the complexities of cell tower leasing agreements and maximize their profits.

In conclusion, understanding how cell tower lease rates work is critical for property owners who want to negotiate better lease agreements. The new study provides valuable insights into this complex topic and offers expert advice on how to negotiate favorable lease rates. Contact today to learn more about their consulting services and how they can help property owners maximize their profits.

About, based in Atlanta, provides lease consultation and negotiation services for the whole country. Their services include providing lease analysis to determine if the landowner is being offered a fair deal, providing crucial consulting guidance, and helping to negotiate leases on behalf of landowners. They offer a free initial telephone consultation to determine if working together is a good fit. To learn more about the company or schedule a free consultation, visit their site at

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