New Spring TX “Brown Bag” Prescription Medication Review and Refill Service

Budget Pharmacy’s new upgraded “Brown Bag Review” service tackles a growing health problem in a rapidly aging population — the potential for numerous and often costly medicine errors when an individual takes a variety of prescription medications.

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The Brown Bag Review identifies potentially harmful errors and misunderstandings that would otherwise be overlooked by a healthcare professional and could potentially have significant consequences.

This is because medical records are out of date, the patient is taking medicine incorrectly, the patient forgets to mention supplements/herbal remedies which may harmfully interact with prescribed medicines, or (most commonly) the patient is not being treated for his condition as prescribed.

Budget Pharmacy staff can now allocate more of their time to counseling residents about their existing medicines and supplements – a key factor underpinning the risk-free provision of ongoing prescription and medication refill services and ensuring residents’ continued well-being.

Budget Pharmacy systems provide staff with an accurate, comprehensive picture of which prescriptions are being filled in-house, which are being sent out, and which prescriptions have been received but not yet dispensed.

The process of medication reconciliation is often conducted using medical records. Physicians and Pharmacists necessarily rely on the accuracy and currency of such records but if these are outdated or missing information errors and misunderstandings creep in and health risks increase.

This can be a particular problem for residents of Care Homes who move frequently between different care homes, or those in Hospitals, Residential Care, or Mental Health Care settings. Budget Pharmacy staff are experts in identifying and resolving such issues.

Vitamins and supplements, no matter how advertised and widely sold in stores, are drugs if they are capable of harmfully interacting with prescribed medications. Because vitamins and supplements are sold over the counter, patients often do not fully realize their potential for doing harm. A false sense of security is created by the availability of these products without a prescription.

A major issue that arises with elderly patients is the lack of certainty that they are taking medication correctly. Medical records-based reconciliation cannot check if a patient is taking medication in the correct way and at the correct time. In addition, nonface-to-face reviews are likely to miss opportunities to reduce the levels of medication taken. This could be particularly important for patients on high levels of antipsychotic drugs, for example, where even small reductions can have significant benefits.

The enhanced Budget Pharmacy solution actively confronts the problem, guaranteeing scheduled personal consultations for in-depth Patient Brown Bag Medication Evaluations.

As 1 in 7 Americans, aged 71+ has some sort of dementia-related issue, ensuring their prescription regimes are up to date and correct is one way the experts at Budget Pharmacy can help seniors and their caregivers in the Spring community in the coming years.

The problem will likely exacerbate going forward. As the number of people aged 65+ grows, so does their need for care, and that need is expected to grow more rapidly than the supply of personal assistants. The population aged 65+ is forecast to double in 20 years, reaching 80 million in 2040. Of those, adults 85 and older, the group most often needing help, will nearly quadruple by 2040.

Budget Pharmacy’s patients visiting for regular reviews will feel every aspect of their visit and brown bag consultation is worthwhile. It is not about selling medications and supplements. It is about taking time with each patient to ensure their ongoing health and well-being. Budget Pharmacy’s staff will always leave the room on request, leaving the patient to discuss their medical history with the physician in confidence.

Budget Pharmacy is a local, customer-focused drug store. From its knowledgeable and friendly team of professionals to its commitment to offering unbeatable rates, Budget’s mission is to ensure its customers’ well-being through ongoing medical evaluations.

One satisfied customer said, “Budget Pharmacy always gives me great deals on my medications and beats the prices of other pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS.”

For the past ten years, Budget Pharmacy has been providing quality healthcare and customer service to individuals all over the Lone Star State. Serving vibrant cities such as Radford, The Woodlands, Klein, and Spring, they are led by a team of experienced specialists who have devoted themselves to help keep their clients fit and content.

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