New real estate strategies for agents

Do you want to sell a property? We share a couple of real estate strategies that will be from this health crisis and whenever you need them.

Faced with the current health contingency due to COVID-19, Vivanuncios, the eBay real estate portal in Mexico, carried out the First Edition of ” Virtual Real Estate Expo “, with the intention of promoting the sale of properties in the country.

The event granted exclusive discounts and promotions for visitors. In addition, more than 85 developers participated, of which they offered various conferences that you can still enjoy on the event portal. 

However, there are not only surprises for home buyers, but also for people looking to sell their properties during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Tajarat properties will implement real estate strategies to offer more attractive options to potential clients and thus sell quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in knowing about these real estate strategies that will be available whenever you need it, read on and take note.

What are the real estate strategies that offers you to advertise your property?

  • Real Estate Videos
  • Virtual tours

Real Estate Videos

The real estate videos are an excellent strategy for digital media, especially for a real estate portal. In this way, Vivanuncios announced that you can add YouTube links to advertise your property, as long as the video shows the interior and exterior of the property that you decide to put up for sale or rent.

Adding real estate videos in classified searches provides a better experience for potential customers and users who visit your listing, as they will have a clearer idea of ​​the physical characteristics of your property and the environment around it.

Likewise, real estate videos improve the experience when buying a home, so you will be guaranteeing a sale in less time.

The only thing you need to create an excellent video and therefore good content, is the following:

  • Write a brief script where you present yourself as a professional and describe the most outstanding characteristics of the property.
  • Debug, clean and make the necessary improvements to the property. Avoid creating a bad impression on your potential customers.
  • Record in HD each area of ​​the property carefully including structure, facade, patio, garage, among others. It can then be edited in post-production. We advise you to purchase a class 10 and 64 GB SD memory, since it is the one that will work best to record the video.
  • Give a comprehensive tour of the property. It is important that you put yourself in the user’s shoes and ask yourself, what would I like to see and know about a house that I am going to buy?

Once you have well defined the content of your video, it is time for you to publish it on your YouTube channel, so that it can be linked to the classified of your property in Vivanuncios.

Virtual tours

Usually, in real estate portals fixed images are used to advertise the property that is for sale or rent, however, Vivanuncios already offers the option of taking virtual tours.

This real estate strategy is exceeding the implementation of an album with images of the property, since the virtual tour allows to show a better panorama of all the areas of the property.

When you make an appointment with a potential client to visit remotely, you can show them the home in detail, including the exterior and main streets of the neighborhood. With the purpose, that it is seen living in that area and on your property.

If you want to advertise your property and make the most of these real estate strategies, you should send your information to the email or call 800-681-1050.

What are the benefits of promoting your home in Vivanuncios?

  • You generate more leads.
  • You get direct and automatic contact.
  • You invest less resources in advertising.
  • You get better guidance from the specialized team.

You generate more leads.

Previously, Vivanuncios only allowed to upload still images in the property’s classified. With its new update, you will be able to implement videos and virtual tours so you will have the opportunity to generate more leads and reach different target audiences, such as young millennials or centennials. 

In this way, you will provide a broader and more specific panorama to users looking to invest in real estate, since the description of the property will be better accompanied by real estate videos and they will be able to schedule a virtual tour.

You get direct and automatic contact.

When advertising your property on a real estate portal, you must leave your contact information so that those interested can talk with you. They will write to you using a form that will always be available.

You invest less resources in advertising.

Advertising in digital media is cheaper than traditional channels such as radio, newspaper or television, so you will access promotional programs with more accessible prices and even free options.

Likewise, if you want to advertise more than one property at the same time, you can access packages that include a certain amount of ads at a low cost.

You get better guidance from the specialized team.

The greatest benefit that Vivanuncios provides you is profiling your contacts. That is, it will filter client requests based on their interests to go directly to your properties or properties with characteristics similar to yours.

Likewise, they have technical and specialized support, to clarify your doubts about the promotion of your properties. In this way, you will have more direct advice if you are not a specialist in the real estate sector.

Remember that implementing real estate strategies such as videos and virtual tours will serve to generate greater customer confidence and you will be able to receive more offers to sell or rent your property.

Be sure to get in touch with the Vivanuncios team and start listing your property on eBay’s real estate portal.

Discover the rules that govern the different types of real estate investment.

When you enter the real estate world, almost no one explains to you that there are several codes that govern the operation of different types of investment.

From the commission percentage that you should expect property brokers to charge you to the “70% rule” that applies in the case of those properties that you buy to restore, it is necessary that you know these codes before starting to acquire, manage and / or make your real estate profitable.

Just as there are practices that will help you become an expert in the real estate sector, there are also rules for acquiring, managing and making your real estate profitable, which depend on the type of investment you make in alnoor orchard

These codes are not written on the books nor are they immediately known when there is a real estate transaction. However, they are so important that, if they are not contemplated, investors may well feel that they were in the wrong category.

Therefore, it is essential that you take note of the following real estate investment rules:

1. Property brokerage commission

If you used or need advice to acquire your residential or commercial property, you are probably already aware of the tasks that a property broker can carry out.

This professional not only helps you limit your search for properties based on your abilities and interests but should also be the one who takes care of all the necessary paperwork, business management, guidance in decision making and evaluation of prices according to market values.

Therefore, it is essential that you incorporate their fees as part of your investment plan and profit expectations.

A broker usually charges 2% of the total value of the operations to the seller and buyer, which adds up to 4%. For example, if you are applying for a property that sells for $ 100 million, your share of the commission should be approximately $ 2 million.

2. Overall investment earnings

When you are determined to invest in properties, it is essential that you differentiate the profits that you can obtain in case you dedicate yourself to the housing or commercial area.

In both cases, you must measure the Cap Rate or the capitalization rate that you will have year after year, which is obtained from the annual value of the lease divided by the total value of the property.

You will be doing a good business if you rent around 5% per year in the case of owning residential properties, and 7% per year if you are capitalizing a commercial-type property.

3. The “70% rule”

If you decided to buy an old house and then fix it up and sell it -or lease it- at a higher price, then you should know the rule that applies to calculate your profit.

This indicates that the highest amount of money you should be willing to pay for this type of investment is 70% of the final price of the property less the costs of repairs to the property.

With the same case of the $ 100 million property, imagine that you only have $ 10 million to invest in repairing it. Considering that 70% of the final value of the property less the repairs is $ 77,800,000, then you should not make an offer greater than this last amount for it.


These three general rules are an excellent guide for your real estate investment.

They work to confirm that the type of business you chose is the best according to your expectations and ability to pay, or to reconsider the opportunity.

Whatever the case, it is essential that you use these codes both to start and maintain your career in the field.

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