New Line of Stylish Men’s Dress Shoes That Feel Like Sneakers Recently Launched

Gatsby Shoes has introduced a new line of men’s orthopedic dress shoes that are designed for people that need to be on their feet all day and want to feel comfortable while at the same time appear stylish. This line of shoes looks like stylish dress shoes but has the benefit of being as comfortable as sneakers.

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The founder of the company was motivated to launch a business that would carry a line of comfortable shoes due to a childhood encounter with Sever’s disease, which left him in constant foot pain that was further aggravated by the shoes he wore. Sever’s disease is caused by continual stress to the heel, and most often occurs during childhood growth spurts, when bones, muscles, tendons, and other body structures are rapidly developing.

Footwear has been documented as a significant factor in the cause of foot pain in the general population. Men’s dress shoes are often lacking, not in looks, but in comfort. Comfort often takes a back seat to looks, but Gatsby Shoes believes it doesn’t have to. Shoes have an enormous effect on your daily life. Many people have jobs where dress shoes are necessary, and they must stand for long periods of time or must walk a good deal. After a long day, they leave their jobs with sore, aching feet. Gatsby Shoes says that their fashionable dress shoes are the solution.

According to Gatsby Shoes these shoes are recommended by doctors to improve foot health. Orthopedic shoes have technology built into them that are both supportive and comfortable to wear and are made to help a person walk more naturally. Uncomfortable shoes can force people to walk with an unhealthy gait without their even knowing it is happening. Orthopedic shoes provide what a person needs to walk naturally.

Ongoing issues with foot pain may require treatment; but, wearing the right shoes that fit properly and give good support, especially for problem feet, can help alleviate and even prevent irritation to the foot joints and skin and avoid more serious foot issues in the future that affect the heels, toes, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the foot.

The owner of Gatsby Shoes explains that each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments leaving plenty of room for something to go wrong. The are many foot conditions that can result in limited movement and mobility and are conditions that may be alleviated by wearing shoes that fit properly and give good support.

Some common foot problems that can be alleviated by wearing the right shoes are bunions, which are bony bulges on the big toe, usually caused by the constant rubbing of shoes that don’t fit. Corns and calluses, which are hardened skin or growths that can occur anywhere on the foot, usually appear on the spot where the shoe rubs as a person walks. Blisters, which are raised pockets of fluid, often form when a person walks or stands for long periods of time while wearing ill-fitting shoes. Heel spurs, which are abnormal growths of the bone of the heel, can be caused by long-term strain of muscles and ligaments under excessive weight that is not properly distributed by well-fitting shoes.

Some medical conditions that may be caused by ill-fitting shoes are heel pain caused by Sever’s Disease and inflammation of the tissue in a person’s feet when foot muscles are put under heavy strain. Morton’s neuroma, which is a condition that thickens the tissue around a nerve in the ball of the foot, occurs sometimes due to wearing shoes that are too tight or by participating in athletics that require repetitive movements or by having an abnormal gait. Stone bruises, which makes it feel like there is a pebble stuck in one’s shoe, are usually due to a deep impact injury or bruising in the ball of the foot, which can be exacerbated by ill-fitting shoes. Pain on the ball of the foot can even be caused by wearing the wrong shoes. Plantar fasciitis, which causes pain in the bottom of the heel and usually affects just one foot (but it can affect both feet) can occur as the result of wearing shoes not suited for a person’s feet. People who wear shoes with soft soles and poor arch support or those who wear unsupportive or worn-out shoes are at risk for this condition.

Gatsby Shoes says these common foot problems, as well as medical conditions affecting the feet, can be alleviated by simply wearing comfortable, proper fitting shoes. Their new line of Men’s Orthopedic Dress Shoes attempts to solve these problems for all occasions where dress shoes are required. For more information visit the link above.

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