New Lake County Home Insurance: Federal, State Tax Strategy To Reduce Liability

With tax deadlines looming, busy home insurance professionals are often rushed into costly tax decisions that can restrict cash flow and reduce their firm’s financial stability. But minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing breaks can put agencies on a strong footing for growth, according to experts at Golden Tax Relief.

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The tax consultancy announced updated strategies to help reduce taxes, which are the primary expense and liquidity drain for most businesses, according to certified tax planner Ben Golden. Decreased cash flow often leaves businesses vulnerable, and can hamper their ability to grow and serve clients.

A study from the U.S. Bank revealed that 82 percent of failed small businesses cited cash flow problems as a factor contributing to their demise. Whether unexpected expenses or delayed invoice payments were the final straw, experts say that better strategic planning and cash flow management are key to success.

Maximizing tax breaks and minimizing liabilities are two strategies Golden Tax Relief uses to proactively manage the tax burden of their clients. The tax consultancy uses legal tax benefits and exemptions to create tax plans that meet the goals of each individual business owner.

“We don’t use gimmicks or loopholes – all of our strategies are legally implemented moves that reduce the tax liability year over year,” according to a company representative. “Taxes are a necessary part of business, but there is no reason you should pay any more than legally necessary.”

Rated one of the nation’s fastest-growing businesses for 2022, Golden Tax Relief helps high-income business owners in the Lake County area create custom tax plans to maximize their savings. The tax consultancy specializes in the insurance, construction, and real estate industries. Clients must have been in business for at least two years, and have more than $50,000 in revenue.

Customers recommend Golden Tax Relief for their ability to resolve daunting tax problems and bring their businesses through the other side with a smile.

“The strategy Ben put together to not only clear us of our tax burden but also to get a lien lifted was amazing,” one client said. “This was a long, heavy process that was very overwhelming and discouraging to me, but Ben and his team were with me every step of the way.”

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