New Intuition Center Dispels Preconceived Notions About Psychic Readings by Offering an Inspirited Spiritual Journey

Oxford, MI, USA — The Intuition Center has an entirely new take on psychic readings that considers the client’s wellness and spiritual journey. Traditional psychic readings only suggest a possible outcome and leave the client wondering if, when, and how these predictions are going to play out. The Intuitive Consultants at the Intuition Center take a different approach. Each consultant has extensive education, including experience in both the corporate and psychic arenas. Their philosophy is that a person’s destiny is a combination of predestined events and a person’s free will. Intuitive Consultants not only provide readings, but they also educate and empower clients how to use their own intuition to take control of their own lives. Membership includes readings, spiritual work, access to exclusive content, discounts, and community at affordable prices to suit everyone’s needs. The Intuition Center prioritizes the spiritual, emotional, and psychic needs of every client. 

The Intuition Center is where intuitive minds come together. It was founded on the belief that psychic readings themselves were not nearly enough to help clients achieve success. Predictions are only a forecast of events and without guidance, it can be difficult to visualize the end result. Our Intuitive Consultants empower clients to take control of their own destiny. For more information, go to or follow us @theintuitioncenter on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

Why choose membership services with The Intuition Center? Pay-per-minute sites are designed to get the client to spend as much money as possible. This often causes both advisors and clients to feel rushed and result in readings that feel incomplete. The Intuition Center solves this problem by offering a free 15 minute Soul Path Consultation at the start of every membership subscription. Intuitive coaching that teaches the client how to recognize signs and cues by learning to trust their own instincts. Everyone has the power of intuition, but few are taught how to harness it. 

Another crucial issue is that advisors are rarely available “on demand” according to the client’s schedule. The Intuition Center allows clients to schedule live appointments at their convenience as well as offering options for video delivery and more. Subscription packages allow clients to have a permanent spot with the advisor of their choosing along with many other perks such as exclusive content, discounts on other services, and on-demand classes that can be viewed at the client’s leisure. 

Our Intuitive Consultants are carefully chosen based on experience and diverse skill sets. Potential Consultants must have a substantial, verifiable “career psychic” background in order to apply and be able to demonstrate their abilities to a panel of senior Intuitive Consultants. Because of this process, clients need not click through hundreds of advisor profiles in order to find the one person that calls to them or settle on someone simply because they can afford the advisor they truly want. The Intuitive Consultants are reliable, trusted advisors rather than a sea of unfamiliar, ever-changing faces, many of which are just dipping their toes into the world of psychic readings for the first time.

Take the next step on your spiritual journey and unlock your future by joining The Intuition Center’s membership community today!

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