New Fredericksburg Seniors 24/7 In Home Assisted Memory Care Dementia Service.

Visiting Angels, based in the Fredericksburg, VA area, recently unveiled its revamped services for elderly individuals. They specialize in providing personalized care that focuses on optimizing life experiences such as helping with activities of everyday life, offering support to those dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and much more.

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Visiting Angels recently upgraded their services to ensure nearby households have the support they need for those close to them. From in-home assistance and medical aid to companionship and handicap care, they’re ready to help out.

Since 1998, the Visiting Angel’s program has been offering first-rate care and top-notch nursing services for elderly individuals and the general public. Dedicated to upholding superior standards of excellence, their nationwide system of home health franchises works hard to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

The team at Fredericksburg is dedicated to providing the most compassionate, expert care at all times, they will strive to deliver top-notch services with courtesy and regard for each client’s unique needs.

In-home care experts are available to offer one-off visits, nighttime stays, and 24/7 support to ensure family members can feel confident and relaxed.

In addition to offering relief, they provide caregiving and friendship, aid with daily tasks such as grooming and bathing, creating meal plans, tidying up the home, help out with the wash, administering medicine timely and efficiently, as well as assisting with errands.

Designed to help clients preserve their autonomy and remain in the comfort of their homes, the revised offering is an excellent alternative to residential care facilities and should be carefully considered.

This is a noteworthy fact, as it has been found that most seniors – in excess of 90% according to surveys – would prefer to stay in their own homes if possible.

Visiting Angels Fredericksburg states: “At every level of service, our promise to you and your relatives stays the same. We pledge to deliver outstanding care that helps your elderly relative keep their autonomy and respect intact..”

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