New Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Program: Startup Mentorship Opportunity Launched

IdeaPros has announced that it is now accepting applicants for its 30-day mentorship program. With a model similar to the show Shark Tank, the program rewards successful applicants with an offer to partner with IdeaPros in bringing a product or app concept to market.

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IdeaPros is the latest venture of attorney, serial entrepreneur, and business thought leader Frederick Cary. After establishing 10 companies and helping launch hundreds more, Mr. Cary sought to share his knowledge with students globally through online learning.

“He believes that the journey from a concept to an actual product is not something that can be done alone,” a company spokesperson said. “You need help, and what’s better than getting help from people who have already surmounted the challenges you’ve yet to face?”

IdeaPros’ mentorship program begins with an elevator pitch, which the company will use to determine if the idea is worth exploring. If the pitch is successful, the applicant will be given an advisor for the next stages of the review process.

After passing the company’s battery of interviews, the successful applicant will be given a formal offer for a partnership. “Having the entire IdeaPros team at your side will expedite your go-to-market journey, and their advice will allow you to save thousands of dollars in startup costs.”

IdeaPros has already graduated a number of startups in the food, consumer products, and technology sectors.

Meanwhile, those who still need time to develop their ideas have the option to enroll in IdeaPros’ online programs. The company currently offers two courses that teach a step-by-step approach to establishing a business.

Its flagship Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course is a foundational self-paced online course that comes with a one-on-one brainstorming session with one of the company’s featured mentors.

Meanwhile, the more expansive Business Starter Pack includes the contents of the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course but adds individual lessons on specialized topics, such as market research, product validation, and developing a fundraising strategy.

“Whichever program you choose, one thing is guaranteed: the things we’ll teach you will give you an unfair advantage in your chosen market,” the company spokesperson added.

Parties who want to learn more about IdeaPros’ mentoring pathways may visit

[email protected]
99 Wall Street, Suite 3775

United States

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